March 1, 2020
AEW News: Company Confirms Signing Of Another Former WWE Superstar

At last night's All Elite Wrestling Revolution pay-per-view, former WWE superstar Colt Cabana showed up to help SoCal Uncensored, who were on the receiving end of a beating from the Dark Order faction. While this could easily have led to a short-term program for the superstar, AEW president Tony Khan has confirmed that Cabana has officially joined the company.

As quoted by Sportskeeda, he shared the news at a press conference following the event. According to Khan, Cabana is a versatile talent who can contribute in various ways to the company, and fans can expect to see him at upcoming shows.

"I could see Colt wrestling for us on a regular basis. He can chip in as a commentator and also as a coach. He's a valuable mind. He's signed here. He can work, at my discretion, Colt can work other places."
Khan's words suggest that Cabana will be allowed to wrestle for other promotions, which isn't uncommon for AEW stars to do. However, chances are he might also be used in a backstage role or as an on-air personality, but it's clear that the company has big plans for the Ring of Honor legend.

Now that he's officially a member of AEW, Cabana's hard work throughout the years has paid off. He's one of the most beloved performers in the industry never to be given a real chance at the big time, and his ability to wrestle and make the fans laugh with his comedic antics will serve him well on AEW television.

Cabana likely won't become a main eventer in AEW, but the veteran's experience will be invaluable to the company all the same. He's an ideal candidate for helping younger talent develop their characters and hone their in-ring skills, and he can contribute towards the creation of future stars.

Despite Cabana's esteemed reputation on the independent scene, he never made a huge impact during his time in WWE between 2007 and 2009. He briefly wrestled on the SmackDown brand as Scotty Goldman before he was eventually released from his contract.

However, he did receive plenty of attention from WWE after he'd left, as he became embroiled in CM Punk's lawsuit with the company. Cabana's Art of Wrestling podcast was where Punk gave his infamous tell-all interview after walking out of WWE, an interview which triggered the drama in the first place. After the case was settled, Punk and Cabana become involved in their own lawsuit over legal fees, a case which has since ended.