‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Peter Sort Of Comes Clean To Maxie, But Not Really

Peter August has been doing his best to keep his secrets from being found out, and on the week of March 2 on General Hospital, he will be sitting down with Maxie to let her in on some of them. He is expected to come clean that he is suspected of being the one who is behind the attempted murder of Andre Maddox and Franco Baldwin. However, he doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to confess everything he has done to the woman he loves.

Soap Central teases that Peter will be having a hard time keeping up his charades. He figures that someone will bend Maxie’s ear eventually about Jason, Sam, and Robert suspecting him of trying to shoot Andre and Franco. He decides to let her know first before she finds out on her own, which would definitely make things worse for him. He has already made his case to his mother, Anna Devane, by playing on her emotions, and it looks like he will be doing the same with Maxie.

Maxie will learn that Peter is being investigated in the case. He will also let her in on the fact that he is the reason that Anna and Finn broke up. She will be disappointed that he didn’t tell her right away, but General Hospital spoilers say that she will be standing by her man.

Maxie obviously doesn’t realize how ruthless Peter can be, so she will begin helping him to clear his name. This may end up putting her in a bad position between her and Jason, and eventually Spinelli if she finds out that he is heavily involved in the investigation as well.

As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Robert was taken off the case thanks to Peter’s quick thinking. He seems to be one step ahead of them as he continues to do whatever it takes to keep Maxie from finding out about his past, even if it means he commits a crime or two.

According to the current print version of Soap Opera Digest, Peter will be on the hunt for a scapegoat to blame for his crimes. Jason, Sam, and Robert also believe that he was behind Drew Cain’s plane going down and crashing. Drew is believed to be dead and they are certain that Faison’s son is behind it all.

Peter’s lies are bound to catch up to him but for now on General Hospital, Maxie will be the supportive girlfriend who believes that everyone else is wrong about her guy.

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