Malika Haqq Defends Herself After Being Criticized For Post-Baby Plastic Surgery Plans

Malika Haqq recently addressed the online criticism she faced after sharing her plans to have plastic surgery after she gives birth.

The Inquisitr previously reported that one of Haqq’s Instagram posts landed the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star in hot water. On Tuesday, February 25, she snapped a photo with celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Diamond. Haqq also shared that she made an appointment with the doctor for a date after she gives birth to her baby boy. Haqq soon received several comments online deeming her surgical plans inappropriate.

Haqq addressed the controversy on her Twitter page shortly after seeing her Instagram comments. While the posts have since been deleted, Hollywood Life took screenshots of Haqq’s response. The actress set the record straight on why she made the appointment. She also explained that she isn’t planning to take surgical measures to improve her body anytime soon.

“These comments are hilarious! Dr. Diamond specializes in the face,” Haqq wrote. “He’s so elite it would take you 4 months to get an [appointment] with him. Folks love to jump to conclusion lol my makeover doesn’t require surgery but to each their own.”

Haqq then told fans to “relax ya mind” when worrying about what she plans to have done. Although she never said why she made the appointment, she did confirm that it wasn’t for a face-lift. Haqq then replied to a fan who inquired about the photo op. The ATL star vehemently denied planning to have surgery and said she’s never needed to have a procedure done.

Information surrounding Haqq’s pregnancy has been present since Khloe Kardashian’s best friend announced she was having a baby in September 2019. She has been open about various parts of her pregnancy but hid who the father of her child was for several months. However, Haqq decided to announce that O.T. Genasis was the father by thanking him for their son at her baby shower earlier this month. An insider dished that Haqq knew the time was right to make the announcement and wasn’t concerned about the public’s opinion.

“Malika is really happy she made the decision to reveal to everyone that O.T. Genasis is the father of her baby,” the insider said. “They’re already on a very healthy path toward co-parenting.”

Haqq provided similar sentiments on her Instagram page. In a photo of the two at her baby shower, she said she and O.T. were doing everything they can to prepare themselves for their new bundle of joy. While the couple broke up before Haqq learned she was pregnant, she said the rapper has been present for doctor visits and everything concerning their baby boy.

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