‘Frankenstein Theory’ Gives Mary Shelley Novel Found Footage Treatment

The Frankenstein Theory, a new found footage horror movie executive-produced by the team behind The Last Exorcism, has taken the sub-genre in a new direction with a tie-in to the original Mary Shelley novel.

Hitting video-on-demand, digital download, DVD, and Blu-ray this week, the film will follow a group of filmmakers trailing a suspended university professor into the wilderness in search of the Frankenstein legend.

Professor Venkenheim (Kris Lemche) has claimed he is an ancestor of Victor Frankenstein and that the classic piece of literature is, in fact, reality.

The film crew members aren’t so sure, but the further they go into the wild, the more the evidence begins piling up, and one-by-one, the team begins to disappear, apparently falling victim to the classic monster.

Ain’t It Cool News called the film “pretty unique” for its sub-genre and commended the “fun tone throughout,” adding that The Frankenstein Theory “does have its moments of fear” with “a nice climactic ending.”

The site also interviewed film director Andrew Weiner, whose previous credits at IMDb show an extensive producer background, with this, his first time in the director’s seat.

In the AICN interview, Weiner drew an interesting parallel between Shelley and the monster from her classic novel.

Shelley’s mother died when the author was 11 days old. William Godwin, author/political figure/Shelley’s father, blamed Shelley for her mother’s death, and when Shelley began Frankenstein at age 18, Weiner believes that played a role in developing the monster.

“In the course of my research, a theory I came across is that the creature represents Mary Shelley — something unnaturally birthed that destroys and wreaks havoc on that which it loves. I do believe, that theory is possible,” Weiner said.

As found footage horror goes, the sub-genre has been a big moneymaker for the Paranormal Activity series of films, and will be on display again in the upcoming subterranean horror Beneath.

What do you think of The Frankenstein Theory and its take on found footage horror? Here’s the trailer:

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