Spoilers For 'General Hospital': Brad & Julian Strike A Deal

General Hospital spoilers for the coming week tease that both Brad Cooper and Julian Jerome will be anxious and scrambling. Now that the truth is out about Wiley Corinthos, Brad is sitting in a jail cell and Julian knows he's on borrowed time. In the coming week, Julian will pay Brad a visit at the PCPD, and the two will negotiate a deal.

When Brad was pressed to tell Lucas, Michael, and the others who else was involved in the baby swap, he held back on throwing Julian under the bus. However, now Brad is realizing that Nelle Benson is blaming him entirely for the baby swap.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that Brad may consider that knowledge about Julian to be essential information he can use to his advantage.

The new issue of Soap Opera Digest shares the scoop. Nelle has quite the reputation in Port Charles for lying and scheming, but this is the first time she's turned on Brad. Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers note that he never saw it coming, and he'll be understandably worried.

While it shouldn't necessarily be that hard to prove that Nelle was aware of the baby swap before she was caught, it seems that Brad is going to assume the worst. When Julian visits him at the PCPD, he'll lean on his father-in-law to help him out of this tight spot.

The sneak peek for Monday's show revealed that Julian will head to the PCPD and manage to get some one-on-one time with Brad. General Hospital spoilers detail that Brad will passionately exclaim that he's lost everything, and Julian will forcefully reply that all of it is on Brad.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that the reason for Julian's visit will be to make sure Brad isn't going to tell Lucas or anyone else how much Julian knew and for how long. That was Brad's intention, but now that Nelle is trying to pin everything on Brad, he's reconsidering.

As the two men dance around this, General Hospital spoilers detail that Julian will offer up a deal. He'll get Brad the best lawyer he can find, as long as Brad stays mum on Julian's involvement in the baby swap. Brad will accept this offer, but he'll warn Julian that this attorney had better be good.

"Brad is wising up to the situation, and wants a guarantee he will beat the charges. So if Julian's lawyer fails, Brad threatens to take Julian down with him," actor Parry Shen says of Brad's thinking.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will dig her heels in during Tuesday's show, which seems to suggest that she will stick by her version of this story. Sam is going to be tearing into Julian during that same episode, but based on these General Hospital spoilers for Monday's show, it sounds as if it won't be over his involvement in the Wiley situation yet.

How long will Nelle get away with her version of the baby swap ordeal, and what does the future hold for Brad and Julian? General Hospital spoilers signal that both men will be scrambling for the foreseeable future, and fans are anxious to watch it happen.