Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease That Nelle’s Going All-In On Her Jonah Story & Brad’s In Trouble

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that the PCPD is going to be hopping with Brad and Nelle both in jail cells. Brad was busted about raising Jonah as Wiley and Nelle was stopped before taking the little guy to the airport. She’s told a big, fat lie about how the baby swap happened, and she’s going big and bold with this falsehood during the February 21 show.

As viewers saw on Thursday, Michael and Chase managed to get to the apartment before Nelle and Jonah could get away. She quickly fabricated a story about how Brad stole the baby from her and claimed that she wasn’t aware of what happened until she heard Lucas revealing the truth at the Corinthos house.

Brad was arrested at the Corinthos house, and Nelle was arrested at the apartment. General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode reveal that they’ll be in cells facing one another, and she’ll start playing up her story about Brad being entirely responsible for the baby swap.

While it’s not known who else is around as Nelle tells her tall tale, it seems certain that she’s essentially performing for somebody during this moment. Nelle will dial it all the way up, angrily noting that Brad stole her child, tears in her eyes as she says it. Naturally, Brad will be stunned by what he is hearing, looking at Nelle in disbelief as he gulps.

How long will Nelle keep up this fabrication? General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps suggest that she’ll try to stick with this for the foreseeable future. Next Tuesday, she’ll dig her heels in and that makes it sound like she’ll continue to try convincing everybody involved that Brad was the evil executor of this plan, and she was an innocent victim.

For the moment, it’s really just Brad’s word against Nelle’s. She has a reputation for lies and shadiness, but Brad’s record isn’t exactly clean either.

It seems likely that Nelle’s story will be busted relatively easily. The authorities will see that she had fake passports she was going to use for her trip with the little boy, and there was a reservation using those same names. If she really had remembered the truth about the swap when everybody else learned about it, there’s no way to explain the passports and planned trip.

Eventually, Liesl should be able to corroborate some of what happened, but she wasn’t present for the actual baby swap. Not only that, but she’s not exactly the most trustworthy ally. Valentin would also be able to refute Nelle’s story since he gave her the fake passports. However, he’s not about to do Michael and his family any favors by revealing what Nelle previously shared with him.

General Hospital spoilers also indicate that Chase will tell Willow the devastating truth of the baby swap during Friday’s show and Sonny will be asking questions about how this happened. The truth is finally out there after months and months of scrambling and fans are anxious to see where this all heads next.

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