‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Willow Learns The Truth About Her Baby & Fans Are Bracing For The Heartbreak

It has been quite an emotional week so far on General Hospital. Michael has his son back after Brad confessed that he and Nelle swapped babies over a year ago. They have both been arrested, and Wiley is now safe with his real daddy. However, there is one more person who still needs to be told the truth and that is Willow Tait. She still has no idea what has happened since she was knocked out by Nelle, but Chase will break the news to her on Friday.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps had teased that Chase would be bringing some bad news to someone, and General Hospital fans were sure that this will be when he tells Willow that her baby is dead. The previews for Friday seemed to confirm that she will learn that Wiley is not her son, but Michael and Nelle’s. She is shown on the floor screaming with Chase trying to comfort her. In addition to Michael being reunited with his son, this is the moment that viewers have been bracing themselves for when Willow is told that her baby had died.

On Thursday, Nelle was almost out the door with Wiley when Michael and Chase stopped her. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, Nelle made her move with the passports in hand ready to leave Port Charles with her son. She and Willow fought and that’s when Willow was knocked out by a blow to the head. Chase found her and took her to the hospital. She is okay, but she slowly remembered that Nelle was after Wiley. At the end of Thursday’s episode, she wanted to know if Wiley was okay.

Chase will be the one who breaks the horrible news to Willow that the baby that she has loved and protected with her whole being is not her child after all. General Hospital fans are already reacting to the previews showing her wailing.

“Oh no! This hurts. I’m already crying from the preview. Poor Willow,” one Twitter user said.

“Not prepared to watch Willow’s heartbreak tomorrow,” another fan said.

While poor Willow will be dealing with her loss, Michael and his family will be enjoying spending time with Wiley. General Hospital spoilers tease that Monica will be informed of the good news that her great-grandson is still alive.

Brad and Nelle are behind bars now, but their future is uncertain at this point. Julian is expected to pay Brad a visit soon. Brad hasn’t revealed yet that he also knew about the baby swap, and he will be using that to his advantage.

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