Derick Dillard Reveals That He Took Jill Duggar To Waffle House For Valentine’s Day Date

Derick also shared a photo of Jill's surprise for him.

Derick Dillard takes a selfie with wife Jill Duggar.
Derick Dillard / Instagram

Derick also shared a photo of Jill's surprise for him.

Derick Dillard revealed that his Valentine’s Day with wife Jill Duggar was extra sweet, thanks to the syrup that the former Counting On stars enjoyed on their waffles.

On Wednesday, Derick, 30, took to Instagram to share a few photos that were taken during his Valentine’s Day date with Jill, 28. In the first snapshot, the couple was pictured squeezed together on one side of a Waffle House booth. Jill was appropriately wearing red for the holiday. Her outfit included a long-sleeved dress in the festive color and a white knitted scarf, which was tied loosely around her neck. She was wearing a camel pea coat in Derick’s third photo, while he was also dressed warmly in a black quilted jacket.

Jill wore her light brown hair parted to the side and styled in bouncy curls. Her makeup application included dark eyeliner and a glossy petal pink lip. While Jill cut her hair back in December, her husband has seemingly been growing his out. Derick’s own light brown locks were slightly pushed to the side in the front. The back of his hair extended a few inches beyond the bottoms of his ears, and it was slightly curled.

Jill and Derick’s Waffle House meal included hashbrowns, toast, and, of course, waffles. In the caption of his post, Derick wrote that the restaurant “did an incredible job making it a romantic evening” for him and his wife.

The second snapshot that Derick shared was a photo of the “tray of delicious goodies” that Jill surprised him with back at home. They included a package of dates, a jar of stuffed olives, a bottle of sparkling cider, and a pink box of Hershey’s Kisses. There was also a plastic bag full of homemade cookies. Jill had written a message on it with a blue marker.

“Derick, you’re the chocolate chips to my cookie, the sweetness to my life! Happy Valentine’s Day!” it read.

In Derick’s third photo, he and Jill were posing in front of a surreal painting that included a distorted male face, the body of a furry gray animal, and the bare legs of a woman wearing cowboy boots. In response to a question about the artwork, Derick revealed that it was hanging on the wall at the Crystal Bridges Museum in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Many of Derick’s followers praised the law school student’s choice of eatery.

“Waffle House and Romance go hand in hand,” read one response to his Instagram post.

“Absolutely!” Derick agreed.

Jill’s tray of treats also got plenty of love.

“As a member of Walmart management, I appreciate the choice of Great Value products,” one fan remarked.

“Cider, Hershey Kisses, dried dates, chocolate chip cookies, and GREEN OLIVES?!?!” wrote another admirer. “Ha ha ha! Unique!!”