‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday Note That Curtis Questions Jordan & Mac Crosses Paths With Taggert

Donnell Turner and Briana Henry play Curtis and Jordan on 'General Hospital'.
Craig Sjodin / ABC

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday’s episode indicate that there are tough questions being asked of both Jordan and Taggert as the mob war in Port Charles escalates. Curtis saw Taggert embracing Jordan at the pier and he wants to know what his wife is hiding. In addition, Mac will be crossing paths with Taggert and he’ll question the timing of the detective’s return to town.

During Tuesday’s show, viewers learned some key details about the secret Jordan and Taggert are hiding. When another former team member of theirs was found dead on the pier, supposedly of a drug overdose, Jordan was rattled. She noted that there had been four of them who had worked undercover and infiltrated Cyrus’ organization, and now two of those four were dead.

Jordan and Taggert found their old colleague Bob’s supposed overdose suspicious and this new death is just as questionable in their minds. Taggert and Jordan are the only two of that original quartet still alive and it certainly looks as if they have good reason to worry.

Unfortunately, Jordan has kept all of this hidden from Curtis. He knew she had questions about Bob’s death, but she has been evasive about everything else since learning of that supposed overdose. Curtis tried to get Taggert to cough up some insight, but he didn’t get anywhere. Now, General Hospital spoilers indicate that he’ll put some pressure on his wife.

Spoilers from SheKnows Soaps indicate that Curtis will confront Jordan during Wednesday’s episode. General Hospital teasers detail that Curtis will plead with his wife, begging her to tell him what’s going on.

It seems likely that Jordan will remain elusive, as she previously told Taggert that they had promised to never tell anybody about what they did. She probably should trust Curtis with the details, especially since it appears she is in danger at this point. Unfortunately, it sounds as if she’ll continue to hold back.

As Jordan and Curtis struggle with this situation, Mac will cross paths with Taggert. General Hospital spoilers note that Mac will mention the interesting timing of the detective’s return to Port Charles. After a couple of decades away, Taggert happened to return just as a new, intense mob war was breaking out and this has not gone unnoticed.

Sonny previously made note of this timing and now Mac will too. Early on, General Hospital fans wondered if Taggert would end up connected to Cyrus and this mob war. Now, it’s clear that he is connected, but there are still plenty of unknowns.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that little will be resolved between Jordan and Curtis during this upcoming conversation. Viewers will see more of them as the week continues, as it sounds as if Jordan may visit Cyrus at Pentonville or contact someone from those days. In addition, someone issues Curtis a warning.

Can Curtis figure out what’s going on before someone he loves gets hurt? General Hospital spoilers tease that this new mob war will be an intense one and there may be additional shockers on the horizon.