‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Hint At Nelle’s Next Move To Get Her Hands On Jonah

Craig SjodinABC

Viewers know that this week will be a wild one on General Hospital. Spoilers have revealed that the truth about the baby swap is going to come out and previews have teased that things will be quite intense when this happens. In fact, a sneak peek showed that Nelle and Willow will get into a crazy physical battle this week and now fans think they can see how this begins.

General Hospital spoilers from the new sneak peek shared that Nelle would end up at Willow and Chase’s place at some point this week. Somehow, this visit would escalate to the point where Nelle would slap Willow and Willow would fight back. Until now, fans didn’t really know how this visit came to be or why it got violent.

Based on what transpired during Tuesday’s show, however, the pieces of the puzzle seem to be fitting together. As viewers saw, Brad and Lucas asked Willow to care for Wiley at her place as they gathered at the Corinthos home for a going-away party.

Nelle heard about the party and decided to show up, telling Brad that she wanted to say goodbye to her son. Granted, what she was really aiming to do was get her hands on Jonah and take him with her as she rushed to make her flight abroad.

Nelle didn’t expect to find out that Wiley wasn’t at the party. Brad explained that the little boy was at Willow’s, and he didn’t pick up on what Nelle planned to do. Nelle left and watched the group from outside for a moment as Lucas struggled with some flashbacks of the accident.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Nelle will discreetly exit during Wednesday’s episode. Based on what happened in this last show, it seems likely that means she’ll quietly walk away from the Corinthos place. Unfortunately, it looks like she’ll hightail it to Willow’s apartment.

The sneak peek for the February 19 show revealed that Chase will get a call telling him that he’s needed at the Corinthos’ place. It may be that he’s called to the Corinthos estate because of Nelle’s appearance, or because of chaos that erupts when Lucas details what he’s just remembered. Whatever the reason, this call explains why Nelle manages to find Willow and Wiley alone.

Willow surely won’t know why Nelle is showing up at the apartment again, but she’s definitely not going to be receptive. Regardless of what excuse she gives, Nelle intends to get her hands on Jonah and take off. However, Willow isn’t about to let that happen.

At this stage, Willow still thinks the little boy is her biological son, so she’s not going to let Nelle anywhere near him if she can help it. Nelle’s not going to take no for an answer though, so it could be that Nelle drops the truth bombshell in the midst of this fight to try to gain an advantage and fluster Willow.

How soon will Michael, Brad, Chase, or someone else realize the kind of danger that Willow and Wiley are in with Nelle on the loose? General Hospital spoilers tease that the next few episodes will bring major payoffs on this long-running storyline and viewers are ready to see the bombshells drop.