Wednesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Lucas Insists He Knows What He Heard As He Prepares To Drop A Shocker

General Hospital spoilers hint that the episode coming on Wednesday, February 19, is the one that fans have been waiting to see for the past 18 months. Until now, only a very small group of people have known that “Wiley” is really Michael and Nelle’s son Jonah. It appears that will finally change.

Previews have promised that this week, Michael would learn that Wiley is really his biological son Jonah. Based on how Tuesday’s show ended, it certainly appears that this revelation will rock his world on Wednesday.

At the end of Tuesday’s show, Lucas struggled to make sense of the flashback he was having. He remembered pieces of his argument with Brad before the accident and he voiced his frustrations over not being able to grasp the full memory. Then, he remembered that Brad told him that the child they were raising was really Michael and Nelle’s son.

This came right as Julian and Michael were both talking about going to pick up Wiley from Willow. Julian had suggested that Lucas might be able to relax more easily if Wiley was there with them, and he insisted that he would be the one to go get the little boy.

Before either Julian or Michael could leave, however, Lucas remembered that critical detail and stood up. He turned and said Michael’s name, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that what comes next will be shown during Wednesday’s episode.

The latest spoilers hint that Lucas will try to share the memory he just recovered. It’s not known yet whether he’ll specifically say that he remembers Brad saying that Wiley is really Michael and Nelle’s son, but it seems that at the very least, he’ll say enough to scare Brad and Julian.

It looks as if Brad or Julian will try to tell Lucas that he’s confused and mixing things up as he struggles to explain what just came to him. General Hospital spoilers share, however, that Lucas won’t be having it. He’ll forcefully say that he’s not crazy and he knows what he heard.

The fallout from this revelation will be intense and teasers hint that Nelle’s determination to get to her son will cause additional chaos.

Luckily, Soap Central details that this week Michael will be victorious in some sense. It seems that particular teaser probably relates to Michael getting to reunite with his son, and fans cannot wait to see this finally happen. Viewers will not want to miss Wednesday’s show and are likely anxious to watch this proceed as the week continues.

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