‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Confirm That Michael Learns About Jonah This Week

A new sneak peek filled with juicy General Hospital spoilers and teasers confirms that Michael will know that his son Jonah is alive by the end of the week. This revelation has been a long time coming and fans are anxious to see it finally happen.

A preview shared over the weekend by ABC detailed some General Hospital spoilers about the chaos ahead. Lucas and his loved ones will gather this week to celebrate his recovery and he has a flashback that fills in the missing gaps of Brad’s prior confession.

On Tuesday morning, ABC shared the new clip via Twitter. It’s jam-packed with jaw-droppers and in the caption, it notes that Michael will find out that Wiley is really his son Jonah.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that during this family gathering, Lucas will have a moment of clarity and stand up as he calls Michael’s name. Is that when the bombshell drops? It seems that it might be, but this may be something of a teaser where things will play out differently as the scene airs.

As the preview notes, this news is going to come as a total shocker to almost everybody in Port Charles. Nelle, Brad, and Julian know the truth, but nobody else has suspected a thing up to this point.

At the same time that Lucas is gathering with his family, General Hospital spoilers note that Nelle is rushing to get her ducks in a row to snag Jonah and skip town. She thinks she’s on the verge of making it happen, but it looks as if she’s going to run into some major obstacles along the way.

Over the past 18 months or so, viewers have been waiting for Carly or Michael, in particular, to pick up on the secret. Carly has mentioned how “Wiley” looks just like Michael did as a baby, and the little guy even had the same heart issue that runs in the family.

Of course, there’s also the fact that “Wiley” doesn’t look anything like Willow and Shiloh. However, he certainly looks like both Michael and Nelle.

In addition, Nelle has repeatedly taunted Michael and Carly, suggesting that she knew something about Jonah Michael’d want to know. Despite all of these signs, “Wiley’s” real identity will completely shock everybody.

According to Soap Central, Michael will sense that something is off early this week. Later, he’ll feel victorious in some sense.

That may relate to learning about Jonah, but chances seem good that Michael, Lucas, Willow, and everybody else impacted by this major secret will struggle with intense feelings of all kinds as they process what the bombshell means.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet whether Lucas tells everybody at the gathering or if it emerges in some other way. No matter how it is exposed, General Hospital spoilers seemingly guarantee that Michael will know that “Wiley” is really Jonah before the end of the week. There’s no doubt that this will prompt a lot of chaos and fans are ready to see what comes next.

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