‘General Hospital’ Tuesday Spoilers: Finn Tells Chase He Split With Anna & She Has Questions For Peter

Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital is slated to cover a lot of ground. Spoilers indicate that there will be tense moments involving Nelle as the baby swap drama nears the big reveal, but it seems that the Finn and Anna situation will get some attention as well.

Last week, Finn and Anna got into a heated argument over her determination to protect Peter. She figured out that Finn had told Sam and Jason about the information she had hidden and the fight led to him packing his bags and taking Violet from the house.

The sneak peek for Tuesday’s show shares that both Finn and Anna will do some work in trying to sort through what comes next. General Hospital spoilers share that Finn will tell his brother Chase that he left Anna. This will surely shock Chase, as the couple had seemed to be doing well since Anna returned to Port Charles.

It’s not known exactly how much Finn will tell Chase about why he left Anna. However, if he does reveal specifics, he’ll surely have his brother’s support given Chase’s career as a detective. Elsewhere. General Hospital spoilers note that Anna will sit down to talk with Peter.


Anna will ask Peter what else he isn’t telling her. Fans know that there is a lot he is hiding from his mother, and there’s no reason to think he’ll come clean now. Anna seems desperate to believe what he’s been telling her, even though it’s clear she knows that not all of what he’s told her is truthful.

Not only will Anna meet with Peter while Finn talks with Chase, but General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps detail that Anna and Finn will run into each other during Tuesday’s show. It seems possible that this brief encounter could be what sparks Finn to share the latest developments with Chase.

According to Soap Central, Anna and Finn will do their best to make it appear that things are fine between them. This may well be for Violet’s sake, although General Hospital spoilers suggest that it’s going to be challenging for these two to fix what’s now broken in their relationship.

The preview for Tuesday’s show also indicates that Nelle will be questioned by Sam while Sonny will coordinate with Jason on a plan. Sonny knows that Cyrus is behind the recent attack on his territory, and Sonny thinks he has a way to take care of things without Cyrus or the police anticipating it.

How will the full truth about Peter be exposed now that Robert has bailed on the deal he made with Sam and Jason? Can Anna and Finn find their way back to one another once she knows all that Peter has done? General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s much more to come with this storyline and fans are anxious to see where it heads.