Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’ Tease Identity Of New Threat To Sonny’s Business

New General Hospital spoilers provide some intriguing insight into what is on the way with the Port Charles mob war. New episodes are finally being made available by ABC, and viewers are anxious to learn who initiated the multi-site ambush on Sonny and his loved ones this week.

Fans have been bouncing around a few ideas about who might be involved in this uprising against Sonny. Taggert is suddenly back in Port Charles, which some find quite interesting, and Gladys has raised suspicions among many viewers.

Recently, General Hospital spoilers revealed that Gladys’ not-so-dead son Brando is the mysterious man who saved Carly at the warehouse. That development has some wondering if family ties are becoming significant threats to Sonny’s business.

Now, She Knows Soaps shares a new key tidbit. Actor Jeff Kober has been cast to play the role of Cyrus Renault, and Cyrus will be involved in this mob storyline.

Apparently, Cyrus will be an inmate at Pentonville. He may be behind bars, but he will be the person angling to disrupt Sonny’s mob business in Port Charles.

If Cyrus remains an inmate at Pentonville, that would mean that he has people on the outside helping him. Will his team consist of people that viewers already know, perhaps revealing some surprising connections? General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal anything solid on that front yet.

Kober is no newcomer to the world of acting. As his IMDb page notes, he has been in the entertainment business tackling various gigs for about 35 years now. Some people may remember his appearances on shows like Falcon Crest and China Beach in his early acting days.

The new General Hospital cast member may be more familiar to fans of shows like Sons of Anarchy and The Walking Dead, though. Kober appeared as the character Jacob Hale Jr. for several seasons of SOA. He also played Joe during Season 4 of TWD.

On Sons of Anarchy, Kober’s character of Jacob was a businessman and the older brother of Deputy Chief David Hale. He first appeared in Season 2 and was last seen in Season 6.

For The Walking Dead, Kober portrayed Joe, the leader of the Claimers. They had numerous run-ins with Rick’s group and eventually, Rick, Daryl, and Michonne killed Joe and his group.

Kober’s character of Cyrus is supposed to appear soon as the February sweeps period kicks into gear. It’s not known yet how long he will be around or how much he will be seen, but additional General Hospital spoilers teasing additional tidbits should emerge soon.

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