Foo Fighters Announce ‘Van Tour 2020’ Celebrating 25 Years On The Road

Theo WargoGetty Images

Today, Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters have announced what the rockers have dubbed the “Van Tour 2020”. The title harks back to 1995, before the band would become the stadium rock overlords that fans know and love so well — and before the group could afford anything more than a small vehicle to tour in.

It has been 25 years since the band kicked off their first-ever tour stint, one that was performed in support of their self-titled debut record. That album would go on to sell in excess of 10 million copies in North America alone, setting the wheels in motion for what has, so far, been a long and storied career.

Nine albums later — with another recorded and expected to drop soon — the “Van Tour” will get started this spring. The tour is set to start on April 12 in Phoenix, Arizona, and will see the Foo Fighters traverse across North America before finishing up in Hamilton, Ontario.

Stereogum reports that, in those days, the band was busy motoring across the country in a Dodge van — hence the imaginative name of the tour. However, it seems that this time around, the group will not be hitting the road in an actual van.

Instead of playing dive bars, they have chosen to stick to their winning formula, planning to play big stadiums for these live shows. However, according to Stereogum, it looks likely that some smaller clubs could see the Foo Fighters grace their stages during this tour.

In addition to the “Van Tour” shows, fans will soon get a chance to preview Dave Grohl’s forthcoming documentary, What Drives Us. Ultimate Classic Rock reports that — according to a press release from the band — the documentary is an examination of what motivates a certain type of relatively sane individual into giving up their job and leaving behind loved ones, to chase a crazy dream.

The band’s press release says that the film will also seek to examine the spirit it takes to climb into a van — one offering up barely any room to move within — and go play your heart out to a handful of people. The film is set to include a diverse range of musical influences that will serve as the soundtrack to the piece.

“‘What Drives Us’ explores motivations, recounts personal anecdotes and explores the physical and psychological toll of touring in vans via interviews with members of van-tour veteran bands ranging from Black Flag and Dead Kennedys to Metallica and the Beatles, and many, many more.”

Tickets for the “Van Tour 2020” go on sale to the general public on February 21 and pre-sale tickets are available now. Today’s touring news comes on the same day another rock legend was forced to announce the postponement of his North American dates.

The Inquisitr reported that Ozzy Osbourne’s “No More Tours 2” tour will be postponed as he makes plans to go to Switzerland to deal with his ongoing health issues.