Kelly Clarkson Is Stunned By Constance Wu’s Real-Life Stripper Payday And Says She Tried Pole Dancing Once

Constance Wu talked about how she prepared for her role in the movie Hustlers during her appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and Kelly was shocked to learn that the actress went undercover at a real strip club. Kelly told her guest that she’s also tried to pole dance, but wasn’t getting paid to do so.

On Monday’s episode of Kelly’s daytime talk show, Constance was asked if she had to “study” for her Hustlers part as a stripper who goes by the stage name Destiny. Her co-star, Jennifer Lopez, has shared videos of how she prepared for the movie by learning to pole dance in the comfort of her own home. Constance said that she, too, temporarily installed a pole in her house so that she could practice her moves, but the Fresh Off the Boat star also did some extreme method acting.

“I did work at a strip club to get ready for Hustlers,” Constance said.

Kelly was astonished by this revelation, and she pressed Constance for details on what level of undress her temporary job required. The 37-year-old actress didn’t answer the singer’s question about whether she actually stripped, but she did reveal that she got very up close and personal with the unnamed establishment’s customers.

“I gave lap dances to strangers,” Constance stated.

Kelly reacted to Constance’s comment with disbelief. She accused her of lying, but Constance assured her that she was telling the truth. She even revealed the amount of money she earned during her first night on the job.

“I made six hundred bucks my first night,” the actress said.

Kelly was so shocked that she got up out of her chair.

“Oh my God, I love you,” she said. “Oh my gosh, I thought you were being funny. You are so method!”

However, Constance said that her experience as a stripper “was not funny.” She didn’t elaborate on this, but she did say that she decided to dramatically alter her appearance for her real-life role. She stated that she used fake tattoos and a hairpiece to change her look. The actress also spoke briefly about how she walked into the club to ask for a job, revealing that she began working that same night.

Kelly said that Constance’s commitment to her role was “awesome,” but her own experience with the world of stripping was anything but. When the topic of pole dancing came up, the host recounted how she and her family were in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve when they found themselves in a hotel room with a stripper pole.

“We were like, ‘What freaky things have happened in this room?'” Kelly recalled. “And then we all tried, and I about broke everything. Like, it turns out that it’s really super athletic and hard.”

You can check out Constance and Kelly’s conversation about stripping and pole dancing below.

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