WWE Rumors: Former Champion To Go Into Hall Of Fame If Family Finally Approves

There are many past WWE superstars who have not yet been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Davey Boy Smith, better known as The British Bulldog, is one of them. Smith died in 2002 at the age of 39-years-old. Many fans feel that he should have been inducted into the hall a long time ago, but there have been some obstacles in the way. Now, rumors are swirling that some within the company are doing whatever they can to get it done.

Smith had a number of runs in WWE, as well as time spent in WCW, All-Star Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, and Eastern Championship Wrestling. His early days in WWE were mostly spent with the Dynamite Kid in a tag team appropriately called the British Bulldogs.

With only two names officially announced for the 2020 class as of this time, WWE is going to reveal at least four or five more inductees before April. According to Pro Sports Extra, there are a number of people within the company who want to induct the British Bulldog into the Hall of Fame with this year’s class.

While Smith is a favorite to be included this year, there is one major roadblock in his way. Over the years, there have been a number of issues and problems between Smith’s family and WWE which have kept them from allowing the company to induct him.

The British Bulldog heads to the ring for a match.

Unfortunately, the same issues are holding up the induction of Owen Hart, who wrestling fans feel should have been inducted a long time ago. Interestingly enough, Smith held the tag team titles on two occasions in WWE; one with Dynamite Kid and the other with Hart.

Along with those two tag team title reigns, Smith also captured the Intercontinental Title once, the European Title twice, and the WWE Hardcore championship twice. He has definitely earned the right to be inducted with other greats of the industry.

Earlier this year, Triple H said that if there is someone who 100 percent deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, it is Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog.

The 2020 class for the WWE Hall of Fame is small so far, as only Batista and the nWo have been announced. There is still time for more names to be revealed and they will be in the lead up to the induction ceremony in April during WrestleMania weekend. If the company can come to an agreement with Smith’s family, the long-deserved honor should finally come his way.