February 14, 2020
Cynthia Bailey And Her Fiance, Mike Hill, Share Adorable Valentine's Day Posts On Instagram

Cynthia Bailey and her fiance, Mike Hill, both took time out to celebrate their love on Valentine's Day.

As the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast member prepares to marry Hill later this year, the couple both decided to share how much they mean to one another in honor of their love day. Bailey posted an Instagram slideshow of herself and Hill. The model, who is known for her glamorous hair and makeup, posted several photos of herself without makeup as she stood alongside her fiance.

In the images, she wore a royal blue slip dress with blue and white tennis shoes while kissing Hill on his cheek. She also accessorized the look with a Louis Vuitton briefcase and purse while wearing a curly blond wig with a heart headdress. Her sports newscaster beau stood next to her, wearing a blue tracksuit and a gray top. Like his bride-to-be, Hill wore sneakers, only his are blue and red.

Bailey shared in her caption that the two were celebrating Valentine's Day with a spa date. The model shared also wished her fiance a happy Valentine's Day while reminding her millions of Instagram followers that they are "loved."

Hill also decided to share a touching Instagram message to his future wife. In the post, he shared photos from the couple's recent photo shoot ahead of their October wedding. In the snaps, Bailey posed in several bridal couture gowns while the sportscaster likewise wore a number of different tuxedos. The two looked dazzling, appearing to be head over heels in love.

"Valentine's Day is EVERYDAY with her. Wishing everyone love and peace on this day designated for it. Let's keep moving up and stop trying to bring one another down," Hill said. "And if you don't have anyone to share your love with today, just PLEASE make sure you love yourself ALWAYS."

Bailey and Hill got engaged in July 2019 after less than two years together. The two have been married before, and have children from their previous relationships. Although the couple seems to be more than ready to tie the knot, Bailey admitted that she had her reservations about marrying Hill. Prior to dating Bailey, he had been unfaithful to both of his previous wives but assured her that their marriage will be different.

"We caught each other at the right time," he said during a clip of the show. "Because if she would've met me three years ago, it was a different Mike. Two years ago, [he] was finding himself. In the process."