Ben Shapiro Says Bernie Sanders Is Going To Be The Democratic Presidential Nominee

Early Wednesday morning, the day after the New Hampshire primary that saw Bernie Sanders take the lead, conservative commentator Ben Shapiro took to Twitter to predict that the Vermont Senator will secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

"Sanders is clearly the frontrunner at this point," he tweeted.

"The moderate lane is fractured. If Democrats wish to challenge Sanders internally, Biden and Warren both need to step out now, and Buttigieg and Klobuchar are going to have to determine before Super Tuesday which one is viable."
According to Shapiro, "none of that is going to happen," and he believes Sanders will become the nominee.

Although many Republicans claim that Sanders' socialism will be an easy opponent for Donald Trump, Shapiro previously said he believes the GOP is underestimating the appeal of Sanders. As Fox News reported, Shapiro made the comment on an episode of The Ben Shapiro Show last week.

"The appeal of Bernie Sanders...I think Republicans are underestimating," he said.

"I actually watched a Bernie rally beginning to end and it really tells you...everything Bernie Sanders does is about building a movement."
The 36-year-old author claims that Sanders' rise in the polls is driven by his campaign's focus on this movement, as opposed to simply focusing on attacking Trump.

Shapiro pointed to Sanders' performance at the Democratic debates and contrasted it with his rallies. He claims that while Sanders often attacks healthcare and America's unfairness at debates, he shifts gears for rallies and speaks like a "UC Berkely 1968 professor."

Although Shapiro and others see a likely path to the nomination for Sanders, he will undoubtedly face obstacles on the way. The Hill's Rising co-host Krystal Ball recently appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight and told host Tucker Carlson she believes the Democratic establishment would rather Trump win re-election in 2020 than see Sanders achieve victory.

Ball explained her reasoning to Carlson and said she believes a Sanders administration would push such Democratic elite out of the circle of influence they currently reside in. Under Trump, they would purportedly maintain such circles of power, and thus, Ball believes they would rather have four more years of Trump. This path forward would allow them to keep their sphere of influence in Washington and give them another chance in 2024 to take another shot at securing a Democratic nominee to continue preserving their power.

Regardless, Sanders continues to succeed and become increasingly positioned to take the nomination. A recent Quinnipiac University poll showed Sanders passing former Vice President Joe Biden and taking the lead for the first time in a national survey, as The Inquisitr previously reported.