PlayStation 4: American McGee Is Not Impressed

PlayStation 4 American McGee not impressed

PlayStation 4 may have Sony gamers on the edge of their seats, but American McGee, creator of Alice, is not impressed.

The industry veteran told Forbes that he’s happy that the PlayStation 4 seems more developer friendly, but with the new consoles in general, he’s just not impressed.

American McGee said about the PlayStation 4:

“I was hoping for innovation in control input. Didn’t see anything meaningful, so ‘meh.’ It’s nice that they’re moving towards what looks like more developer-friendly hardware and indie friendly distribution. Remains to be seen if the appearance matches reality. Overall, I think this generation of consoles will struggle painfully against the momentum of mobile/online games we’re seeing globally.”

The video below should show you everything you need to know about the PlayStation 4.

American McGee also brought up the server issues that came with the releases of Diablo III and SimCity, saying gamers just need to relax. It could be argued that gamers already spent their money on videogames in hopes of getting what they paid for as soon as they installed it. However, as he said, “Do gamers or the media think EA or Blizzard wanted things to go so badly at launch? Do they think all the screaming and gnashing of teeth actually helped resolve those issues more quickly? There’s got to be a balance to the relationship.”

Alice developer American McGee explains that if you go to a restaurant and your margarita comes out frozen instead of just “on the rocks”, it doesn’t entitle you to throw your hot meal in the waiter’s face. There are healthier ways to go about solving problems than starting World War 3 over it. He says it’s not about “Gamers vs The Man,” it’s just being impatient and overdramatic.

Apparently, American McGee has seen too many real problems in life and knows that a lot of fights over videogames are just not worth it.

On a sidenote, he asked gamers on Facebook if they wanted to see an Alice 3, and the answer was an overwhelming “yes,” so we can expect to see it in the future.

How do you feel about American McGee’s stance on PlayStation 4 not impressing him?