Justin Timberlake ‘Bending Over Backwards’ To Get Jessica Biel To Forgive Him After PDA Scandal, Report Says

Justin Timberlake seems to have smoothed things over with wife Jessica Biel after his public PDA scandal, but a new report claims that the singer isn’t taking any chances.

Months after Timberlake was spotted getting very touchy with co-star Alisha Wainwright while out at a New Orleans bar, he reportedly has taken some big steps to win back the trust in his marriage. A new report from Us Weekly claims that Timberlake has apologized repeatedly and is taking even more steps to make sure that Jessica knows that he is contrite. Timberlake has also been taking on more duties with the couple’s 4-year-old son, Silas.

“He’s bending over backwards to get Jessica to forgive him and to make sure he’s there for her and Silas,” a source said.

The controversial outing made headlines at the time, with a number of celebrity news outlets showing pictures of Timberlake sitting closely with Wainwright and holding hands. Afterward, Timberlake issued a public apology in which he claimed that “nothing happened” between the two, but admitted that he made a mistake in judgment. He then took steps to prove to Jessica that there was nothing going on with his co-star, including trying to convince her to pay a visit to the set of their movie, Palmer.

Other sources have said that Timberlake is showering Jessica with affection after the incident.

“He’s been sending Jessica lots of sweet texts and telling her she’s the hottest wife and mom in the world,” a source told Us Weekly.

Another report claimed that Justin was making some major lifestyle changes to prove that he was sorry and changing his behavior. That included curbing the time he spent with friends away from Jessica and their son.

“The real problem here is that before this whole scandal happened, Justin was spending a lot of time on the road while Jessica was stranded in Beverly Hills, responsible for their kid, for keeping up the house,” the source told Radar Online, noting that in the past, Jessica “just had to go along with Justin, who makes ten or even a hundred times as much money as her, being the breadwinner who needs regular vacations to recharge his batteries.”

The work appears to be paying off. Reports said that Jessica was hurt by the incident and the embarrassment it caused, but not planning to divorce Justin. At the end of January, she posted a sweet birthday message to her husband saying how much she loved him.

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