Robin Roberts Shares Wednesday Wisdom & Meaningful Family Pic To Instagram

Robin Roberts shared some Wednesday Wisdom and a meaningful family photo to Instagram. This was her way to inspire her followers and viewers of Good Morning America, the ABC morning news and entertainment show which she has anchored for 15 years.

Robin posted a favorite photo to the social media sharing site, a picture which is placed in a strategic spot in her home so she can view it on a regular basis. She revealed that it helps her remember the lessons she learned and the love she received from her parents, Lawrence and Lucimarin.

The favorite photo, wrote the newswoman in the image’s caption, was taken on a family trip to South Africa. It is placed on a table near Robin’s front door so she can see it when she walks into her apartment.

The pic shows Lawrence and Lucimarin standing together on what appears to be a boat slipway, boarding a sea vessel during their vacation.

Lawrence is dashing in the pic, smiling brightly as he stands behind his wife. He is wearing a pair of dark pants, a white turtleneck, and a smart dark-colored leather jacket, with a coordinating cap atop his head.

Lucimarin, who shares the same smile as her famous daughter, appears ready for a day out on the ocean, looking lovely in a dark shirt, tan jacket and stunning leopard hat. She finished her ensemble with small sunglasses.

The photo is in a silver frame with delicate detailing on its border. It sits atop a table that appears to be yellowish-tan in color, flanked by two succulent blooms in small white planters.

The respected newswoman revealed in the photo’s caption that her “beloved parents” are always with her. She recalled the moments as a young woman when they would try to share their stories in an attempt to guide her, and in return, she would roll her eyes.

Robin then revealed that despite her teenage response, she was listening to her parents and their lessons have stayed with her throughout adulthood. Robin suggested to her followers that their own children are likely listening to them, too, despite parents’ beliefs their words are falling on deaf ears.

Fans loved Robin’s positive message and expressed their own sentiments in the comments section of the post.

“This made me laugh this morning. We have two teenaged girls at home and one always seems to roll her eyes when we have our ‘talks’ with her. It helps to be reminded that some of what we say gets thru. I’m sure your parents blessed you with many gems that you live by to this day,” said one follower of the newswoman.

“God bless you Robin, and that’s the reason I love you. I do the same thing. We miss them there in our hearts. Love you,” said a second fan.

“So true…I was listening as well…even when I thought I wasn’t…their wisdom became my guiding star….what a blessing,” noted a third supporter who found Robin’s words inspirational.

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