Windows Blue Shows Up Again, This Time In Video

Windows Phone Blue on Video

Windows Phone Blue has promised to offer deeper user integration that is more streamlined, and now a demo of the new OS has shown up courtesy of The Verge’s Tom Warren.

While the new mobile OS from Microsoft is still in its early stages of development the features, it offers will likely be a welcomed addition for Windows Phone devices.

The Windows Blue OS features smaller Live Tiles, a new UI, and more built-in apps for easier and streamlined third-party app usage.

The report suggests that Microsoft is also developing Windows Blue for easier scaling. The company plans to issue frequent and smaller updates rather than going a full year or more between OS upgrades. The move for more frequent updates matches strategies put forward by Apple’s iOS and Google Android.

Adding to the OS are improvements to the popular Snap View feature. Users can now snap apps side-by-side for sharing even just a portion of the screen. On high resolution displays, Microsoft even allows for four apps to be snapped at one time.

Microsoft has also made certain parts of the OS more viewable. For example, users can now view network connections and apps information panels with ease. Previously those options were hidden within the desktop view.

Windows Blue also hosts plenty of preloaded apps including a new alarm, calculator, sound recorder, and a movie making app that replaces the standard Windows Movie Maker option. Microsoft is also integrating SkyDrive further into its platform. With its better SkyDrive integration, Microsoft will offer auto-uploading of photos and video to make up for limited on-board storage.

If the following video is any indication Microsoft is moving further away from a traditional desktop configuration:

After watching the Windows Phone Blue demo are you ready to make the jump over to the new OS when it arrives?