‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Alexis Does Her Part To Help Nikolas Conquer Valentin

Craig SjodinABC

Soon, everybody will learn whether Valentin is a true Cassadine or not. General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday’s show detail that Alexis will do what she can to find the truth on this matter and Nikolas is counting on her help.

If Valentin is who he thinks he is, then Mikkos is the biological father of both him and Alexis. Given that, it makes sense to have Alexis be the one who takes a DNA test as the next step in sorting through the Cassadine chaos.

Until recently, Valentin was confident that he was Mikkos’ biological son. Now that Nikolas is back from the dead and Mikkos’ codicil is in play, there has been talk that Valentin is not blood-related to the Cassadines.

If Valentin is Mikkos’ son, that makes him the half-sibling of Alexis. This should be an easy connection for a DNA test to verify, although some viewers speculate that Valentin may ultimately still be a Cassadine, just not Mikkos’ biological son.

The preview for Tuesday’s episode shows Alexis chatting with Nikolas. She may have been shocked and upset that Nik hid the truth about being alive for the past three years, but that isn’t going to prevent her from helping with this crucial matter.

Alexis confidently notes when talking with Nikolas that if she’s not a match to Valentin, then he isn’t a Cassadine. This is what both Alexis and Nik are hoping the test will prove, and General Hospital spoilers seem to hint that will be the case.

There certainly are a number of different ways this could proceed, as there could be other paternity or maternity shockers incorporated into the results. At the very least, General Hospital spoilers hint that Alexis’ DNA test will not take long to come back.

Valentin seems to be confident and determined at this point, but General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that he might be in for a major shocker. He will be crushed by some news he receives in the coming days and whatever is on the way will seemingly prompt a dark turn for him.

The sneak peek for this week shows that Valentin will face some strong feelings of anger. In fact, he’ll supposedly pull out a gun to shoot Jax, but it seems virtually certain that this supposed shooting will be a dream — either his or someone else’s.

Despite that, General Hospital spoilers signal that this DNA test will not bring the results he desires. Given his dark history, that could spark a big, ugly reaction from Valentin and will surely shake things up on numerous fronts across Port Charles.