WWE Rumors: Possible Reason Why MVP Returned On This Week's 'Monday Night Raw,' Per 'PWInsider'

Lorenzo Tanos

Just weeks after announcing that his match with Rey Mysterio on the January 27 episode of Monday Night Raw would be his last ever for WWE, Montel Vontavious Porter — better known to fans as MVP — surprised fans by appearing on this week's episode of the red brand's eponymous show. While he didn't take part in a match, he hosted a new edition of his old "VIP Lounge" in-ring talk show, interviewing this year's men's Royal Rumble winner, Drew McIntyre, unsuccessfully offering to be the Scotsman's manager and taking a Claymore kick from him as the segment wrapped up.

So far, it looks like MVP has yet to sign a new contract with WWE despite his most recent return to Raw. However, PWInsider wrote on Monday night that the "word making the rounds" is that the 46-year-old former United States Champion might be rejoining the company as a producer. This, as noted by WrestlingNews.co, would mean he could be working a similar role as fellow "Ruthless Aggression" era mid-carder Shane Helms and other backstage employees that have returned to the promotion in non-wrestling capacities.

"That talk persisted tonight backstage at Raw, so if all works out, that looks to be his eventual role for the company," PWInsider's Mike Johnson wrote.

"MVP has plenty of friends in the company including the likes of Paul Heyman, Rey Mysterio, Shane Helms and others so it's not a surprise to see him doing more with WWE these days," wrote WrestlingNews.co.

Much like Jarrett in 2019, MVP was also reintroduced to WWE audiences via this year's men's Royal Rumble, where he was among the 13 wrestlers quickly eliminated by Brock Lesnar before McIntyre entered and tossed the reigning WWE Champion out of the ring. Prior to last month's return, the veteran last competed for the promotion in 2010 and was released in December of that year.