Wendy Williams And 50 Cent Are Done Feuding

David Livingston Getty Images

Wendy Williams and 50 Cent — whose real name is Curtis Jackson — are not each other’s biggest fans. While it’s not exactly clear how their feud started, it’s believed to be because the television host made some disparaging remarks about the rapper on The Wendy Williams Show in the past. He responded by attacking her on social media and calling her some pretty bad names in recent months. Finally, the pair are putting a pause on their feud, at least for now, according to OK!

While Williams didn’t go into detail regarding what sort of conversation she had with the musician, she made it clear during Monday’s show that they are done attacking one another for now.

“Shout out to 50 Cent, apparently we’ve made up,” she told her audience.

Her audience clapped at this statement but showed some hesitancy in actually believing the truth behind it. Norman Baker, one of the producers on the show, simply laughed nervously upon hearing about the supposed end of 50 Cent and Williams’ longtime battle.

“Why are you laughing? We are grown people,” Williams told Baker.

The news of Williams and 5o Cent making amends is a bit surprising. After all, some of the statements the rapper has made about her were so extreme it appeared that the pair would never be on cordial terms again.

Fans of Williams know that she dealt with some pretty significant health challenges in 2019, including Graves’ disease — an immune system disorder that affects the thyroid. It can cause some visual side effects like bulging eyes, which is something Williams has experienced personally. This is one of the things 50 Cent used against her in the past year, at times poking fun at her because of it, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

Back in July 2019, 50 Cent went into greater detail about why he chose to ruthlessly go after Williams online, even when she was going through a divorce, addiction struggles, and other health battles.

“I don’t like her. You know why? She said things about me consistently over the years and it was at points that I was not necessarily in control of the things that she was talking about and you’ll find its really not… when you’re sensitive to certain things that people are really not just using it for their personal content and gain.”

He went on to say that if Williams was not as successful as she is now, he wouldn’t attack her the way he has, according to ET Canada.