‘One Piece’ Episode 922 Preview Introduces Zoro’s New Friend, Clash Against Kyoshiro Family

One Piece features Straw Hat Pirates' former bounties.
jennifer Broun Conor / Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

The upcoming episode of One Piece, which is titled, “A Tale of Chivalry! Zoro and Tonoyasu’s Little Trip!,” is expected to mainly focus on Straw Hat Pirates vice-captain Roronoa Zoro and his new traveling companion, Tonoyasu. As mentioned in the preview for One Piece Episode 922, Zoro is set to meet Tonoyasu while he is wandering in the Land of Wano, and in the short time that they are together, they are already about to face big trouble.

“They can only count on themselves. Zoro’s strange wanderings with a sycophant named Tonoyasu creates turmoil. After catching a dealer cheating, they face Wano’s worst criminal group, the Kyoshiro Family. To pay back his debt for sushi, Zoro makes a big debt.”

In One Piece Episode 922, Zoro and Tonoyasu are set to deal with members of the Kyoshiro Family, a yakuza group in the Land of Wano whose leader, Kyoshiro, is a close ally of Shogun Kurozumi Orochi. Zoro and Tonoyasu will get the attention of the Kyoshiro Family after they expose their wrongdoings. Since Shogun Orochi became the new ruler, the Kyoshiro Family established their own territory where they are forcing businesses to pay them for protection.

In the preview, it is very noticeable that Zoro isn’t holding any of his swords. He is set to deal with a group of samurai with his barehand coated with Armament Hardening. Though he is clearly outnumbered, Zoro is still highly expected to defeat his enemies. The Kyoshiro Family may be feared by most of the citizens in the Land of Wano, but not all of them are really powerful.

This was confirmed in the previous episodes of One Piece when three members of the Kyoshiro Family started a commotion in front of Vinsmoke Sanji’s soba shop at the Flower Capital. After his soba noodles became popular, Sanji got a visit from the Kyoshiro Family, who asked him to pay for doing business inside their territory.

As expected, Sanji refused and engaged in a fight with the Kyoshiro Family. Sanji and Cyborg Franky easily defeated the enemies, and it is highly likely that Zoro’s opponents in the upcoming episode of One Piece would be suffering the same fate.

However, the leader of the Kyoshiro Family won’t be letting the incident slide without taking revenge. While he’s busy preparing for the banquet at Shogun Orochi’s mansion, Kyoshiro ordered one of his subordinates to call Beast Pirates All-Star Queen the Plague and inform him about the incident at the Flower Capital.

Kyoshiro is expected to do the same thing once he receives information that his men are beaten by Zoro, who is also wanted for killing the magistrate.