Eric Braeden Reveals Shocking Hope For Victor Newman On ‘The Young And The Restless’

Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) from THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS.
Sonja Flemming / CBS

The Young and the Restless marked Eric Braeden’s 40th anniversary as Victor Newman in Genoa City. The actor spoke with TV Insider’s Michael Maloney about his four decades portraying The Mustache. During their conversation, he revealed one surprising hope that he has for Victor’s future romantic life.

Right now, Victor and Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) are going strong after experiencing a hiccup a couple of years ago and exploring what appeared to be an open marriage. However, now they’ve been back together with no additional people in their union for well over a year, and things are good. Nikki is planning a big gala to honor Victor and Newman Enterprises’ 50th anniversary.

There is one person who seems to have genuinely been a threat to Victor and Nikki’s happiness all these years, though. Ashley Abbott (Eileen Davidson). In addition to loving Nikki, Victor certainly has a soft spot for Ashley, and it sounds like there’s a possibility that things are entirely through with the one-time couple.

“One of the things I regret is, it could still be going on, is the thing between Victor and Ashley,” Braeden admitted.

Throughout the years, Victor has always been able to let his guard down around Ashley. Recently, he even hired her back at Newman Enterprises and pitted her against his daughter, Victoria (Amelia Heinle). For a bit, it seemed like they might have had a spark between them once again, but Victor and Nikki managed to patch things up instead. Still, Braeden thinks that things between his on-screen alter ego and Ashley might not be dead and gone.

“I will say that I do think a rekindling of Victor and Ashley would be interesting. Who knows? Beyond that, I can’t say,” the actor said.

While many viewers hope to see Victor and Nikki enjoy their golden years together, that doesn’t lend itself to front burner storylines and the type of drama that the soap opera genre thrives off of. Without conflict, these two would be at the Ranch all day watching The Price is Right and worrying about their children and grandchildren. There is every reason to believe that they will have a struggle, and part of that could be Ashley and her and Victor’s enduring connection.

As far as Nikki’s other enduring love, that seems to be Ashley’s brother, Jack (Peter Bergman), who is Victor’s nemesis. If Ashley and Victor do manage to find their way back together, it could be that Nikki and Jack do the same, keeping themselves one big happy family.