AEW News: Former Superstar Interested In Joining Company

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Jazzy Gabert recently left WWE to focus on other ventures, but the 37-year-old is open to joining All Elite Wrestling.

The former NXT UK superstar parted ways with WWE last month, with the aim of pursuing more acting work. However, Gabert is still involved in the industry in other capacities, and during an interview with Wrestling Inc, she said she’d consider jumping to AEW down the line, although it’s not her priority right now.

“I wanna make a living so of course I would go there. But to be honest, I feel that my in-ring time may be gone. I feel like the younger people should do it and I wanna be a promoter. It’s a lot of fun and maybe I can get my ideas forward and how I see the wrestling world.”

Gabert cited lack of opportunities as one of her reasons for leaving WWE, so perhaps if she was given more chances to shine in AEW, she’d be happy to return to the squared circle on a regular basis.

Furthermore, AEW’s women’s division is currently a work-in-progress due to the company’s infancy. At 6-feet tall, Gabert would certainly stand out in the company’s women’s division, and she’d probably have more opportunities to prove herself to a mainstream audience.

However, during the Wrestling Inc interview, Gabert also feels like her best days are behind her, and that her age and style of wrestling doesn’t have a place in the modern WWE climate.

“I’m 37 and these kids are doing so many crazy things. The wrestling has evolved in such a different way and I’m a different style. I’m hard-hitting and I don’t fit in any more.”

While her style might be more complementary to the AEW product, Gabert is currently more focused on being a promoter. She believes that there is a lack of female personnel behind the scenes in the sports entertainment industry, but she stated that it’s only a matter of time before more women become involved in the promotional and booking side of things.

It remains to be seen what Gabert’s future holds, but she seems to have plenty of ambitions and is keeping her options open.

Gabert isn’t the only NXT UK superstar to leave in recent weeks. As The Inquisitr reported last weekend, Killer Kelly has reportedly been released as well due to the influx of new signings for the black and gold brand.