WWE Rumors: Superstar Has Quietly Left Company

Another WWE superstar has parted ways with the company. As documented by Sportskeeda, NXT UK superstar Killer Kelly is reportedly a free agent and she’ll be competing at an upcoming GCW Bloodsport event that’s set to take place during the WrestleMania weekend.

As the report highlights, the superstar took to social media recently to ask for more non-WWE bookings. NXT UK superstars have more freedom to compete for other promotions, provided that it’s approved by WWE beforehand. Furthermore, it’s not common for WWE superstars to compete for other promotions during the weekend of its biggest show of the year, even if they aren’t scheduled for a match.

However, if Kelly has parted ways with the company, it won’t come as too much of a shock to her fans. There were reports of her signing with a multi-year deal with EVE – Riot Girls of Wrestling last month which suggested that she was no longer with NXT UK. While those rumors were subsequently dismissed, the circumstances that led to them indicated that she was perhaps looking for a change of scenery.

The superstar has also removed all references to NXT UK or WWE from her Twitter bio, and her profile has been removed from the NXT UK roster page on the official WWE website. All the signs point her having left the company quietly.

Kelly joins Jazzy Gabert as the latest NXT UK star to reportedly leave the company after being underutilized. Gabert left to supposedly pursue a new career outside of wrestling, but Kelly seems intent on pursuing her in-ring endeavors on the independent circuit for the foreseeable future.

WWE recently recruited five new additions to be a part of the NXT UK roster. Perhaps Kelly was released as a way of cutting costs or because the company has no plans for her for the time being. At the time of this writing, the 27-year-old has yet to comment on the matter, so the real reasoning for her alleged departure is unknown.

Kelly’s talent should see her continue to become a star on the independent circuit, and she has plenty of options for companies to join. WWE isn’t the be-all and end-all of pro wrestling these days, and plenty of performers have become household names on their own terms, without the company’s backing.

She has also acquired some notable championships on the independent scene, so it’s highly likely that she’ll be treated as a big deal in other promotions moving forward.

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