Lindsay Lohan’s Assistant Questioned About Evidence Tampering

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Lindsay Lohan’s assistant is allegedly scheduled for an evidence tampering interview on Monday. Gavin Doyle, who insists he isn’t actually a LiLo staffer, is slated to meet with California prosecutors to talk about the case, according to insider source claims.

The prosecuting attorney’s office is supposedly delving into claims that Lindsay Lohan’s lawyer, Mark Heller, wanted Doyle to lie about the car accident. Lohan’s latest legal woes stem from an accident in Santa Monica last summer.

Mark Heller supposedly wanted Gavin Doyle to say that the Santa Monica car accident was actually the assistant’s fault and not Lohan’s doing. The NYC attorney allegedly wanted the movie star’s staffer to say that celebrity photographers were chasing the car when Lindsay was trying to get to the Liz & Dick film set. Heller supposedly wanted Doyle to say that he grabbed the steering wheel and caused Lindsay Lohan’s car to crash into the cement truck.

Gavin Doyle allegedly skipped out on a scheduled meeting with Los Angeles City Attorney Terry White last week. An insider source said, “White is taking this very seriously. Heller and Doyle allegedly had the conversation in New York.”

Doyle had this to say about the Lindsay Lohan evidence tampering claims:

“The DA has called me multiple times and I have not returned calls yet. They want me to come in. I’m going to have to before I leave for New York next week. Heller never came to me. I never met Mark Heller until Monday in court. I’m not going to lie. Lindsay and I have been through a lot.”

L.A. City Attorney White will supposedly be turning over all of the information stemming from the interview with Lindsay Lohan’s assistant to the New York State Bar Association and any other relevant law enforcement agency.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the California judge hearing Lindsay Lohan’s case chastised Mark Heller for his lack of knowledge about state law. Gavin Doyle has supposedly been cooperating fully with Los Angeles prosecutors and was allegedly going to be a star witness in the case.

A plea deal accepted by Lohan negated the need for Doyle to take the witness stand. The Mean Girls star will be going to rehab for 90 days in the near future. She is reportedly scheduled to make a cameo appearance on Anger Management with Charlie Sheen prior to checking into the treatment facility.

What do you think about the evidence tampering claims in the Lindsay Lohan case?

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