Reality Steve Rejects Latest ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers & Rumors About Peter Weber’s Ending

Francisco RomanABC

Legitimate The Bachelor spoilers regarding the ending of Peter Weber’s season have been elusive, and it looks like that has led to some wild speculation. Peter himself has teased fans that the right ending won’t leak and that there’s a specific reason for that, and now a new possibility is making the rounds. According to spoiler king Reality Steve, however, people shouldn’t bank on this one.

Reality Steve took to his Twitter page on Saturday to make note of a wild theory circulating online and he told fans that there’s nothing solid behind this rumor.

Although the blogger has not been able to tell fans what did happen at the end of Peter’s season, he has shared details on several scenarios he said absolutely did not happen. If his sources are right, this latest rumor can be added to that pile.

For example, Reality Steve says he is confident that Peter is not with former The Bachelorette Hannah Brown. He also says Peter did not end up with Victoria Fuller and he did not get engaged during his final rose ceremony. His spoilers detail that he feels certain Peter is with someone and that it is one of his final two ladies.

The new theory that has Reality Steve calling it out as completely false on Twitter is that Peter ends up with a producer for The Bachelor rather than one of his contestants.

Women’s Health recaps the basics of this latest theory and it seems it may have originated on Reddit. Since Peter has claimed that something unusual happens, and a lot of other theories have been dismissed, it seems that spoiler fans are thinking outside the box. This type of ending would definitely be a shocker.

It seems that some The Bachelor fans have speculated that Peter ends up romantically involved with producer Julia LaPlaca instead of any of his ladies. Apparently, Julie joined Peter and his family for a New Year’s Eve lunch at an Italian restaurant in New York and this seemed unusual to some folks.

It seems that Julie was also with Peter at Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and The Bachelor fans wonder if this togetherness came as a result of the two being together.

Peter was doing some media appearances for The Bachelor when he was in New York for New Year’s Eve, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he would have a producer with him. If he was in New York for the holiday and was gathering with family, it probably wouldn’t be all that strange for him to include a show producer he’d developed a solid friendship with throughout filming.

In reality, if Peter and Julie were somehow together, there’s virtually zero chance that they would have been able to openly celebrate New Year’s Eve together in Times Square.

Not only that but as seen on her Instagram page, she’s been close with other leads in recent seasons like Hannah and Colton Underwood. It seems that Julie’s primary role tends to be sticking by the lead’s side as their specific producer and that typically includes during filming as well as during post-filming media appearances.

It appears that Reddit has numerous threads with people buzzing about this theory, and it’s clear that not everybody is on board with it. The possibility that Peter and Julie ended up together as a couple is certainly a juicy possibility. However, much like the idea that one or even two of his bachelorettes got pregnant during filming, it seems that this one shouldn’t be considered especially solid.

Who is Peter with and will Reality Steve be able to spoil it before the March finale? The lack of solid The Bachelor spoilers on this front definitely has people buzzing and answers will finally be available in a few more weeks.