Reality Steve Updates Fans On His Latest ‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers & Rumors For Peter Weber’s Season Ending

The Bachelor spoiler fans are still eagerly awaiting scoop from blogger Reality Steve regarding how Peter Weber’s season ends. For the first time in many seasons, the gossip guru doesn’t have full details from the final rose ceremony nailed down. In his new podcast, he shares where things stand on figuring all of it out.

Reality Steve has said that he has heard a lot of things about what supposedly happens at the end of Peter’s season. However, he has explained, there are still gaps in every scenario he pieces together. Given that, he has been hesitant to share anything very specific.

In his new podcast episode, Reality Steve teases some additional tidbits. It sounds as if he has learned some The Bachelor spoilers he has become fairly confident about at this point.

At the same time, given how crazy things have gotten, it sounds as if he needs to hold back what he has figured out until he can piece all the chaos together without leaving any major questions or gaps in the action.

“I hear stuff every single day. To be honest with you, I think since this finale filmed back in November, and all the stuff that I’ve heard over the past 2 1/2 months, I’m pretty confident that I’ve heard the ending to Peter’s season,” Reality Steve explained.

“The problem is, I don’t know which [ending] to believe,” he explains of the multiple tidbits he has heard.

Reality Steve says that he doesn’t reveal major spoilers simply based off of what he has heard, and he hasn’t felt that anything was solid enough yet to share. At the same time, it definitely sounds like he has figured out a few key developments.

“I do think there are certain things that have happened, maybe I’ll fill you in on those, but I think if I fill you in on those it’s just only going to lead to more questions,” he noted.

There are some spoilers for Peter’s The Bachelor ending that Reality Steve has felt confident about for a while now. For example, he says that there was no engagement at the final rose ceremony and that Peter is with one of his two final ladies.

Beyond that, he says that until he can map everything out and fill in the blanks about the early sneak peek that generated so many questions, he believes that it’s better to hold back.

“If I just reveal it in pieces, it’s just going to get more messy, to be honest with you,” he concedes.

Just what went down at the end of Peter’s run as The Bachelor that is making it so challenging to nail down? Will fans truly end up surprised or will all of this drama ultimately fail to live up to the hype? Reality Steve is still working on pinning down the spoilers, and fans are anxious to get the scoop.

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