Reality Steve Shares ‘The Bachelor’ Spoiler & Rumor Updates On Peter Weber’s Mysterious Ending

The Bachelor spoiler blogger Reality Steve is sharing his latest theories about how Peter Weber’s season ends. As he has said for several weeks now, he has heard a lot of different things and has not yet been able to pinpoint just what goes down at the end of filming. This new post, however, breaks down a bit more in terms of where things stand and what he is hearing.

Filming of Peter’s season ended in mid-November, and so far, the exact ending has yet to leak. Reality Steve is usually able to nail this soon after that final rose ceremony is held, but he has said that something unusual happened in this case that is making it tough to pin down.

Reality Steve recently detailed that he is confident that Peter is with someone now, that it is one of The Bachelor star’s final two ladies, and that there was no engagement at the final rose ceremony. In his new post, he’s sharing his latest thoughts on this mystery.

According to an answer Reality Steve provided in response to a reader question, he thinks that the majority of The Bachelor fans have a similar theory at this point. However, he adds, some details he has uncovered suggest something else happened or, at the very least, that there is more to the story than what many are speculating.

“I’d say 90% of the guesses are some variation of… Madison leaves the show after overnights, she’s the one Peter wanted, and that’s who he is ‘pursuing’ post-show. So that’s been the overwhelming majority of what people think happens,” Reality Steve detailed.

“Could it have happened? Sure. I think there would still be some holes to fill in if that’s the case, but, it definitely seems logical,” the blogger continued.

However, The Bachelor spoilers Reality Steve has pieced together apparently suggest that there is more to Peter’s ending than just this scenario.

Reality Steve has not been able to share specifics yet, but if this scenario with Madi was what went down, it seems likely he could have figured that out by now. After all, that is not all that different from what happened with Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph last year, and he nailed the overall arc of that The Bachelor ending.

“However, there are some things I’ve heard that wouldn’t line up with that ending. But maybe the things I’ve heard are wrong. That’s what I’m looking to shore up,” the spoiler king explained.

So far, Reality Steve hasn’t been able to fully rule out either Madi or Peter’s other finalist, Hannah Ann Sluss, as being the lady Peter is with now. Will the spoiler king be able to pin down these juicy Bachelor spoilers before the finale airs in March? He’s clearly still working on it, and fans are quite anxious for answers.

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