Kari Byron: Did 'MythBusters' Hot Host Get Brooke Burke 'DWTS' Treatment?

It's shocking MythBusters announced a major shakeup of the Discovery Channel series, but it seems Kari Byron is creating the most buzz among the ousted Build Team members.

IBTimes ran a post a day after the sobering news with the headline "Why Did Kari Byron Quit Mythbusters? Cast Reveals 'New Direction' For Discovery Show?" and explored some possible reasons behind the news shocker.

After a decade of entertaining fans of the scientific geek-inspired reality television show, the original cast of MythBusters, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman, made the heartbreaking announcement on Thursday that Byron, Tory Belleci and Grant Imahara are not returning to the show.

The news was a major blow to fans of the long-running show -- only preceded by How It's Made on the cable network. After all, with the trio gone, who will Jamie and Adam use to assist them in busting the Bigger is Better myth regarding laws of attraction? Most specifically, with Kari Byron not returning, the boys will look a bit odd when shopping for prosthetic breasts.

So what is the reason(s) Kari and her myth-busting partners are not returning for future seasons? Well, in keeping with entertainment protocol, Byron, Imahara and Belleci provided obligatory responses. No surprise there, right?

Essentially, Tory and Grant posted goodbye tweets, other niceties and opportunities, respectively, for fans and their former employer. However, only Kari provided a glimmer of how her future will look, post Busters.

The message was cryptic indeed, but the operative words in her post were "new direction." Well, that was a mouthful, right? Not. It sounds like the boilerplate response from your boss who just canned you, but is sparing you the embarrassment of why you were fired.

And here's another take on another of Kari's tweets: she and her co-hosts may have departed to offer their services to Disney with its long-term quest to reinvigorate Star Wars films. Hey (in the spirit of Si Robertson), when NBA teams with the Finals, they go to Disney World.

By all accounts, the trio was popular with fans of the show, so it comes as a surprise that they are suddenly being talked about in the past-tense. So what led to the decision?

Some fans offered an, arguably, plausible explanation: the MythBusters hosts are following in the footsteps of Brooke Burke-Charvet. The former DWTS host was fired early in 2014 just before the start of Season 18. She was replaced by sports journalist, Erin Andrews.

The ballroom dancing show was building on its popularity at the time and Brooke was a longtime fixture, who battled thyroid cancer bravely. However, sources say her departure wasn't amicable. Moreover, after her departure, Burke didn't mince her words about her ouster and the show's choice of a new co-host.

At this time, there doesn't appear to be any friction between the co-hosts and network. Moreover, execs have not indicated if they intend to replace Kari Byron and the boys.

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