Red Lobster Thief Busted By Police For The Second Time

Duluth, MN – The Red Lobster thief has reportedly struck again.

Police cited 53-year-old Edward Farris after he was caught stealing a lobster from the popular seafood restaurant. Oddly enough, this is the second time the suspect has been caught stealing lobsters straight from the tank.

Farris walked into the restaurant on Canal Park on Wednesday. Instead of taking a seat and placing his order, the suspect reached into the tank and made his selection. The Red Lobster thief then placed the crustacean inside a plastic bag and quickly fled the scene.

Authorities soon caught up with Farris, who still had the lobster in the bag. The arresting officer issued Farris a ticket for trespassing and misdemeanor theft. He was ordered to turn over the stolen lobster.

Police soon discovered that this isn’t the first time the man has attempted to steal a lobster from the restaurant. Farris attempted the same crime back in June of 2012. He was located by police shortly after the theft took place. The 53-year-old was convicted of misdemeanor theft.

Edward Farris is certainly no stranger to crime. The man has been convicted of numerous charges since 1990. Included in his list of offenses are domestic assault, trespassing, disorderly conduct, and making “terroristic threats.”

The Red Lobster thief was a very busy man in 2012. In addition to stealing a lobster from the seafood restaurant, Farris was also in trouble for panhandling, littering, drinking in public, and two other misdemeanor thefts.

Police said they were never able to recover the three-pound lobster Farris stole from the restaurant last year.

Although Edward got off with a citation, other lobster thieves weren’t nearly as lucky. Charles A. Shumanis III was sentenced to seven to 25 years in prison for stealing lobsters from Allentown supermarkets to fund his drug habit.

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