‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robert & Anna Are At Odds Over Peter

Todd WawrychukABC Press

Robert and Anna used to be a General Hospital super couple back in the day, but not anymore. In fact, their close relationship will get quite rocky the week of February 10, thanks to their differences of opinion over Peter August.

Anna is believed to be Peter’s mother and she is conflicted about turning against him with the evidence that she has. Robert, on the other hand, wants to nail Faison’s son as soon as he can. Finn is caught in the middle between the woman he loves and her ex. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, Anna will be feeling the strain of trying to keep what she knows a secret. Robert isn’t expected to help all that much with her stress as he is expected to be on the warpath about Peter this upcoming week.

Emma has just arrived for a visit with her grandmother and on Monday, Robert will be reunited with his granddaughter. It will be a happy reunion but by the middle of the week, things will go quite sour. Peter has been hanging around at his mother’s house and that has caused some ruckus. Finn was not cool with Peter being left alone with his daughter Violet. They were having fun, but Finn wasn’t very comfortable with Anna’s villainous son being there without him or Anna there. No one trusts Peter at the moment, especially if he finds out that they are onto him.

Now there is Emma staying with Anna and she and her uncle Peter will be spending some time together. That won’t sit well with Robert. General Hospital spoilers say that he will be confrontational. He doesn’t mince words when it comes to how he feels about Peter and he will be going into a protective mode with Emma. This will put even more pressure on Anna.

It appears that Peter knows exactly how to play with Anna’s emotions. They had a heartfelt talk between them recently, which brought Anna to tears. However, the look on Peter’s face reveals that he is playing with her emotions knowing just how conflicted she is and that she will fight for him. That is what he is counting on.

As if having Jason, Sam, and Robert looking to nail him isn’t enough, Peter is about to have one more person to worry about on Monday’s General Hospital. Spinelli is seen in the previews telling Maxie that he will be moving back to Port Charles with their daughter. Of course, Maxie is thrilled, but Peter won’t be. He knows that Spinelli isn’t on board with his relationship with his ex and that is just another obstacle in his way.