‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Spinelli Makes An Announcement That Will Have Peter Fuming

Bradford Anderson has played the role of Damian Spinelli on General Hospital since 2006. Although his character has been more off-screen than on the past few years, it looks like he may soon be less scarce. In the previews for Monday’s show, he makes Maxie very happy when he announces that he and Georgie are moving back to Port Charles for good. However, there is one person who doesn’t feel like celebrating.

Peter August is now involved with Spinelli’s ex as he is trying to make a life with her. Maxie has no idea that her new guy is still doing bad things all for the sake of trying to keep the life he has built with her safe and sound. But Jason, Sam, and Robert are trying to nail him, and now Spinelli has been brought up to speed by Sam as well. SheKnows Soaps teases that Peter will be scrambling to keep his cover, and it will not only affect Anna and Finn’s relationship, but also his own, especially now that Maxie’s baby daddy is moving back.

Spinelli is on to him, and he is out to save his “Maximista” from Faison’s son. He doesn’t want to see Maxie get hurt, but he could very well be in danger himself if Peter realizes that he suspects anything that he has done.

Maxie will be totally excited to not only have Spinelli back, but especially their daughter, Georgie. He had told her recently that Ellie was applying for a job around town, and it appears that she must have gotten it. Peter seems to be trying to keep his composure when Spin tells the twosome the news, but it’s clear that he isn’t happy that Maxie’s techie ex will be watching him closely. In addition, Spin is very close with both Jason and Sam, and that will have Peter more than worried.

Another person who has concerns about Peter is Hamilton Finn. He and Anna have been going around and around about Peter. She is doing her best to protect her son, but Finn thinks that she should consult with Robert about her findings. He was also not too happy that Peter was left alone with his daughter, Violet, this past week on General Hospital.

Despite Peter wanting to keep his past from haunting him, his present actions have half of Port Charles very suspicious. Now he is scrambling to keep everything hidden from the woman he loves. Unfortunately, Maxie may be hurt in the process, but at least Spinelli will be close at hand when that happens.

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