Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Finn Confronts Anna Over Peter Being With Violet

Difficult moments are on the horizon for Finn and Anna according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Anna is intent on protecting her son Peter, but it is beginning to look as if it might cost her the relationship she has with Finn.

During Tuesday’s episode, viewers watched as Peter played around with Violet and Anna at Anna’s home. The sneak peek had made it look as if Peter was legitimately threatening his mother, but it turned out that the two adults were just role-playing for a pint-sized superhero Violet.

When Anna and Peter had an opportunity to talk alone, she was more honest with him than she perhaps should have been. Despite the fact that she has suspected there are things Peter has done that are quite unsavory, she seemingly has decided that she is willing to ignore all of it to protect him as her son.

Anna told Peter about Jason’s investigation and she acknowledged returning the file on him to the PCPD without the potentially incriminating information about his prior work. Peter made promises about doing his best to make her proud, but General Hospital viewers know that this promise really is too little, too late.

When Finn returned home, he saw Peter playing with Violet and he was noticeably upset by this. General Hospital spoilers from the sneak peek for Wednesday indicate that he will waste little time in confronting Anna about leaving Violet alone with Peter.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Finn will be quite angry and Anna, in turn, will become protective. Unfortunately for “Fanna” fans, it sounds as if she will choose to protect Peter over fully acknowledging Finn’s worries on Violet’s behalf.

General Hospital spoilers suggest that this could end up being a turning point in Anna and Finn’s relationship. Sam was already trying to get some insight from Finn about Peter and soon Finn will consider revealing what he does know.

Could this be the end of Finn and Anna? Not necessarily. General Hospital spoilers tease that next week, Finn will do his best to protect the woman he loves. This would seem to suggest that he must decide he’s not willing to let go of Anna despite his worries about Peter.

Even if Finn does recommit to supporting his fiancee regardless of her son’s misdeeds, Anna’s troubles won’t be over yet. Emma’s about to return to Port Charles and she, too, will interact with Peter. General Hospital spoilers hint that this will prompt an intense reaction from Robert, and Anna is going to be feeling backed into a corner.

At this point, Anna knows enough to know that Peter is hiding some potentially heartbreaking secrets, but she seems intent on remaining in the dark. However, General Hospital spoilers indicate that Peter’s efforts will only help him maintain his cover for so long, and eventually, he’s going to be exposed. Whether or not Finn and Anna’s relationship can survive what’s on the way remains unknown for now.

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