‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Tuesday: Things Get Tense For Peter & Anna

During Tuesday’s episode of General Hospital, spoilers suggest that Peter and Anna are going to be feeling intensely stressed as they separately struggle over the secrets of his past. Anna has been torn over protecting her son and finding the truth about what he’s done and a sneak peek hints that this will lead to tensions boiling over.

The preview shared via Twitter shows one brief moment of Anna and Peter together during Tuesday’s episode. The two appear to be sitting on the stairs next to one another, perhaps at Anna’s home.

“No one’s gonna save you,” Peter angrily says as a concerned Anna looks at her son.

So far, General Hospital spoilers have not revealed the context of this conversation. However, it seems rather likely that there is much more to this than the tantalizing glimpse incorporated into the sneak peek.

It could be that this is a dream sequence of sorts, or Peter might be talking about how someone in his past told him that nobody would save him. If he is saying this to Anna and indicating that nobody will save her, there is surely more context that will be shown on Tuesday.

While it isn’t known exactly what prompts this angry statement from Peter, General Hospital spoilers do reveal that things are going to become increasingly difficult for this mother and son pair. So far, Anna has not been able to disprove Jason’s suspicions about Peter’s involvement in the attempt to kill Franco and Andre. In fact, the more she digs, the less confident she is that her son has been truthful about his activities.

At the same time, she is protective of him and hesitant to turn on him. According to General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps, viewers will see more of that from her as this week plays out.

Anna may be struggling, but Finn isn’t as willing to protect Peter. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Sam is going to pick up on this, but Finn isn’t going to rush to share anything with her.

Sam will try to tease out some scoop as she talks with Finn, but he’s not going to immediately be particularly forthcoming. Soon, however, that might change.

Soap Central details that this week, Peter will be caught off guard in some sense. In addition, Anna will be feeling anxious and apparently trapped to a degree.

Anna may be desperate to protect Peter, but she has a lot of people working against her on this front. General Hospital spoilers hint that Peter’s bad behavior will be revealed fairly soon, and fans are ready to see it happen.