Lisa Vanderpump Says She’s Covered In Bruises From ‘Dancing With The Stars’

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Lisa Vanderpump said her body is covered in bruises from her stint on Dancing with the Stars.

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star said her time on the televised dance competition has essentially put her body through the wringer. Although she might look like she’s doing fine on the outside, the Vanderpump said she’s “falling apart” on the inside.

“Oh my God — I’m covered in [bruises]. I mean, it’s so much harder than I thought it would be! I have to be honest. It should come with a health warning,” she explained.

Lisa Vanderpump said she’s nervous about her second go-around on Dancing with the Stars. The reality television star and her partner Gleb Savchenko will have to tackle the jive on the next episode.

“We don’t have the routine down. It’s a bit of a rush. I think everybody is struggling. I think I can speak for everybody, because I’ve been talking to the other cast [members],” Vanderpump explained to Access Hollywood.

“It’s kind of intimidating, but you know what? If you land on your a**, or you screw up, that’s the journey isn’t it?” she explained. Bruises are apparently just part of the experience.

Although Vanderpump and Savchenko made it through to the next round of Dancing with the Stars, the duo failed to dazzle the judges with their version of the foxtrot. The pair scored a total of 18 points during the first round.


Vanderpump came to the defense of fellow dancers D.L. Hughley and Andy Dick after last week’s episode. Both competitors received harsh comments from the DWTS judges.

“People don’t realize how physically challenging [this show] is. It looks like fun, but then you go from zero to [premiere night] in ten days. That’s hard! Out of all of us, I feel very connected to Andy. He talked about himself honestly and I support him,” Lisa Vanderpump said.


She added, “D.L.’s a normal guy who decided to take this on. I stand in defense of everyone who’s bloody brave enough to get up here and do it!”

Chances are Lisa Vanderpump will add even more bruises to her collection should she make it through to the next round of Dancing with the Stars.

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