‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Lulu Worries About Falling Hard For Dustin

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers tease that there are plenty of emotional moments coming up with Friday’s episode. Viewers are quite anxious to see what comes next for Lucas and Brad now that Lucas is out of his coma, but there are many others throughout Port Charles who are also struggling with the course their lives are taking.

Dustin is the first man Lulu has gotten involved with since having to let go of her marriage to Dante. The two had an early and impromptu frisky encounter, but they have taken things pretty slowly since then. It is clear that she is falling hard for the teacher, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that she might get in her own way in terms of moving forward in this relationship.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show reveals that Lulu will open up to her mother, Laura, about her feelings for Dustin. She will admit that she doesn’t think she can fall for another hero, and it appears that this has been weighing heavily on her.

As viewers have seen, Dustin is more than a nice guy and a high school teacher. He jumped into the water at the pier to save Charlotte when she jumped in, and he recently intervened to rescue Brook Lynn from her sleazy producer when he confronted her. Also, just last week, he managed to chase away the shooter at the docks when Josslyn, Laura, Michael, and Sasha were ambushed.

There are some General Hospital fans who feel that Dustin may be too good to be true. So far, other than having had a fling with Brook Lynn some time back, he has been nothing but a stand-up and sweet, caring guy.

Dustin’s presence and timing since he started connecting with those in Port Charles has been quite convenient, like how he managed to be at the pier at just the right moment to help Joss. Despite that, nothing concrete has emerged to indicate there’s anything sinister about him.

It may well be that Dustin is just as wonderful as he has been shown to be so far. Instead, it could be that the obstacles General Hospital spoilers hint are ahead will all be based on Lulu’s hesitations and unresolved feelings about what happened with Dante.

Laura is just starting to recover from the shooting, and as much as she loves Lulu, she may not have much to offer right at the moment. General Hospital spoilers note that Brook Lynn and Dustin will spend some time chatting with one another during Friday’s show, but so far, it doesn’t look as if either one necessarily has a longing to go back to what they used to have with one another.

Can Lulu and Dustin take their relationship to the next level or will she pull away out of fear? Unfortunately, General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much about where this romance is heading next. SheKnows Soaps notes that Lulu and Valentin will have some intense moments with one another in the weeks ahead, but for now, everybody will have to stay tuned to see what’s on the way for Lulu and Dustin.