February 6, 2020
Pink Claps Back At 'Complainers' Who Think JLo & Shakira's Super Bowl Halftime Show Was Too Risque

Singer Pink (often stylized as P!nk) hit back at the haters who called out Jennifer Lopez and Shakira for showing too much skin and being a little too suggestive during their joint Super Bowl halftime show performance on February 2. The star took to Instagram on February 5 to defend the powerhouse duo as she shared a hilarious meme that called out the trolls.

The "Just Like Fire" singer — who recently shared why she actually turned down the opportunity to perform the Super Bowl halftime show this year — made it very clear where she stood amid the controversy as she shared a meme from the Instagram meme account @trish_the_nanny.

The hilarious post showed a group of Amish ladies dressed in traditional dresses that covered almost every inch of their bodies from the neck down. They also covered their legs with black tights and wore sensible flat black shoes on their feet.

The group sported bonnets on their heads and had their hair tied back from their faces in a bun with a simple middle part as they each sung from hymn books.

The caption alongside the photo joked that it was a glimpse at what's to come for the 2021 halftime show for all the "complainers" who weren't a fan of JLo and Shakira's more suggestive performance.

Re-posting the meme to her own account for her 7.5 million followers, Pink captioned it by laughing and adding the hashtag "#spectatingisacontactsport."

Fans clearly loved seeing Pink step in to defend Jennifer and Shakira against the haters. The upload has received more than 403,000 likes in the first 12 hours since she posted it to her account. The comments section was flooded with praise not only for JLo and Shakira but also for Pink for speaking out.

"Hahaha! I love u girl!" one person wrote.

"Hilarious! #hatersgonnahate," another said.

"Yas!! Thank you hahahahaha! Latino culture and very different," a third person commented.

Others flooded the comments section with crying laughing emoji.

The Latina beauties caught some heat on social media after their performance went out live across the globe during Super Bowl LIV from Miami's Hard Rock Stadium.

While they mainly garnered high praise for their energetic show, some viewers complained that they showed off too much skin and got a little too risqué with their dance moves. Shakira's set saw her shaking her hips on the floor and belly dancing with a rope. As The Inquisitr previously reported, part of Jennifer's performance saw her dance on a pole — which didn't prove a hit with everybody.

Immediately after the show, Pink — who performed the national anthem during Super Bowl LII — shared her love for the performance on Twitter.

"Yes! Halftime was JOY!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!" she tweeted as she tagged the twosome in her post. The mom of two then added, "everything that's yes" with two red heart emoji and a face with hearts for eyes.