February 6, 2020
Original 'Gears Of War' Designer Cliff Bleszinski Offers To Return To Work On The Series

One of the biggest names in the gaming community offered to return to the series he's best known for on Wednesday night. Now, the question is how serious was Cliff Bleszinski when he made the offer.

The man best known for his work on the Gears of War series tweeted out an offer to Microsoft that was short, sweet, and got his followers fired up.

"Offer still stands to consult on the Gears franchise, Microsoft. Your move."
He added that there are still a bunch of ideas from the last installment he worked on sitting on the cutting room floor. About 20 minutes later, he posted that he thought even if his consultation was relatively small, his ideas would be welcomed. He also said there were a ton of things he wanted for Gears of War 4 to see that never panned out. It's clear he thought his ideas for that game would have made it better as well.

It didn't take long for Bleszinski's followers to voice their support and ask some questions to the former lead designer. One Twitter user asked if there was a chance he might return full time, rather than just be a consultant. He shot that down rather quickly saying he couldn't handle the stress.

Another user asked Bleszinski to spill the beans on the ideas he had for Gears 4. He quickly shot that down as well, telling the user he was under a non-disclosure agreement and didn't want to get sued.

Others talked about the fact they felt as though the series, now referred to simply as Gears, needed the return of Cliff Bleszinski. The latest installment, Gears 5, was released last fall to almost universal critical acclaim. The game scored an 84 on Metacritic and was hailed by many as a return to what made console gaming enthusiasts fall in love with -- the story.

It was a direct continuation of Gears 4 which introduced new characters in Kait Diaz and Del Walker. The pair took the lead in this installment, effectively shoving longtime fan-favorite Marcus Fenix into the background.

The change in starring roles, as well as the story beats, seem oddly pulled off and the video gaming public believes that is where the game took a wrong turn. It seems to some extent that Cliff Bleszinski agrees with that assessment.

Whether or not Microsoft will take the former lead designer up on the offer is yet to be seen. While it hasn't been confirmed yet, Gears 6 is expected to release in the coming years on Microsoft's next generation of consoles. In April, Gears Tactics, a game set in the same universe but using a real-time strategy format rather than cover shooter, is due to launch on PC and the Xbox One.