‘Olympus Has Fallen’ Review Roundup

Olympus Has Fallen hit theaters on March 22. Here is what the critics have to say.

Olympus Has Fallen is an action thriller about one man’s efforts to take down a group of Korean terrorists. The film stars Gerard Butler, Aaron Eckhart, and Morgan Freeman in what is being called an unofficial remake of Die Hard. Antoine Fuqua directs a film that critics are calling “satisfying.”

This is typical action fodder for the post 9/11 era, which means things have been toned down, but Gerard Butler pulls it off with style. Gerard Butler is no Bruce Willis, but that doesn’t stop him from outdoing the John McClane role that Bruce Willis has been trying to do these days. For those who like the TV series 24 and wish Jack Bauer could do more, here’s your chance, though without Kiefer Sutherland. Olympus Has Fallen delivers an action thriller on such a massive scale that it would fit right in with the Summer blockbusters.

Mike Banning (Gerard Butler) is a desk jockey assigned to protect the President (Aaron Eckhart), and he’s still shuffling papers when the terrorists attack. He finds himself the last man standing in a destroyed White House, as the President is being held hostage. Hence, Olympus has fallen. The Speaker of the House (Morgan Freeman) and the director of the Secret Service (Angela Bassett) give Banning a mission. He must escort the President’s son to safety, kill all of the North Korean terrorists, and rescue the President himself. The terrorist leader (Rick Yune) delivers yet another standout performance. Not bad for a guy whose first notable role was in The Fast and The Furious.

Olympus Has Fallen has all the style of a big-budget film. Antoine Fuqua turns the whole invasion scene into an extended, wrenching sequence. This film is bloody and pulls no punches.

All in all, Olympus Has Fallen is a satisfying action thriller along the lines of Die Hard.

What do you think of Olympus Has Fallen?