Cynthia Bailey Admits That Her Fiance Mike Hill Will Cheat On Her Because Of His Past Infidelities

Cynthia Bailey revealed that she has doubts that her fiance, Mike Hill, will remain faithful during their upcoming nuptials.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star and her sports broadcaster husband-to-be discussed their engagement in a clip of a February 9 episode of the Bravo show. According to Us Weekly, Bailey admits that she is wary about Hill cheating on her once they get married later this year. Bailey's doubts aren't completely unwarranted, as Hill has said that he was unfaithful in the past. Before meeting Bailey, Hill was married twice before and cheated on both of his ex-wives. Bailey shared during the episode that she isn't completely confident that Hill will change his ways in the future.

"I think I'm getting Mike at the best time in his life, right now," Bailey said in the clip.

"But he has cheated on his wives before me. What makes me different?"
After hearing his fiancee's vulnerable remarks, Hill said that he was in a different space when he was married in the past. He also shared that he feels better about his upcoming third marriage and knows that he has met his match in Bailey.

"We caught each other at the right time," Hill said.

"Because if [Bailey] would've met me three years ago, it was a different Mike. Two years ago, [he] was finding himself. In the process."
In his memoir, Open Mike, Hill said he realized how he had mistreated women in the past. The television personality even dished that once he realized his wrongdoings, he thought about the pain he could've caused his two daughters and knew he needed to apologize to them. In addition, Hill says that he apologized to both of his ex-wives for cheating on them.Bailey and Hill became engaged in July 2019 in front of their friends, family and RHOA's cameras. The two had been dating for a little over a year before the proposal. Like her future spouse, Bailey has been married before. The model married Peter Thomas in 2011 and the two split in 2017.

Although she has her doubts about Hill's fidelity, Bailey is set to marry him in October. She said that she feels the marriage between her and Hill will be "different" than what they've both had before. She is also excited to share her wedding with her fans, as the nuptials will be televised on RHOA, which is something that Bailey felt was important for her fan base. Viewers have watched Bailey on the reality show since 2009 and have followed her through marriage, divorce and now her "happy ending."