Prince William Had The Cutest Response To A Fan’s Remark About His Daughter, Charlotte

Prince William melted hearts all over the U.K. on Tuesday, with an adorable response when a fan told him that his daughter, Charlotte, is her (the fan’s) favorite of his three kids, People Magazine reports.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were doing what members of the Royal Family do, touring around the country and meeting with their subjects, when their royal duties brought them to Wales. There, according to a companion People report, they toured a steel mill, learned about the difficulties the changing economic landscape has put on the region, visited a boxing school for kids, got ice cream, and generally hobnobbed with the locals.

That included a pass by a pier where adoring locals had gathered to greet them. And it was there that a particularly enthusiastic fan shouted out that, of the couple’s three kids, Princess Charlotte was her favorite.

The Duke didn’t miss a beat in his response.

“Yes, she is lovely — just like my wife,” he said.

It may have been an off-the-cuff remark delivered on the spur of the moment, but an unidentified friend of the family says that such exchanges are an example of a larger truth about the couple’s marriage.

“They look after each other but in different ways. Some people might say it’s an old-fashioned marriage, but it seems to work. They have different roles, but they come together as a team,” the friend says.

In another exchange involving the couple’s children, a fan asked, as the family was walking into an ice cream shop, whether or not the kids liked ice cream. William, who identified himself as a “chocolate man” but then got a vanilla cone with chocolate sprinkles, replied, “they do, some more than others!”

Charlotte, for her part, has indeed become something of a fan favorite among the royal couple’s three children.

As Us magazine reports, the 4-year-old “looks up to” her older brother, who will presumably one day be the King of England. But at the same time, she’s “more bossy” than George. Like siblings of a similar age do in any other family, they fight sometimes, such as over toys, says a source.

William has also bestowed a cute nickname on his daughter. Last spring, cameras captured an adorable moment when William sat on a rope swing and asked Charlotte to give him a push. He called her, “Mignonette,” from the French word “mignon,” which can mean “cute” or “pretty,” according to Google Translate.

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