Dayna Kathan Learns Some Awkward Information About Max Boyens From Danica Dow On ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Is Dayna Kathan is jeopardy of being two-timed by Max Boyens?

In a sneak peek of the February 3 episode of Vanderpump Rules, Danica Dow sits Kathan down and informs her that Boyens used to be dating a waitress at the restaurant named Adriana, who he led to believe he wanted to date and began “spending the night all of the time” at her home.

According to Dow, Boyens said things to Adriana about wanting a relationship with her before sleeping with one of her friends on her 30th birthday and proceeding to ghost her afterward, much like he did to Scheana Shay, who also works as a waitress at SUR Restaurant.

Right away, Kathan questions why Dow is suddenly acting concerned.

“Last week, you barely acknowledge my presence and now you want to look out for me?” she wondered in a cast confessional.

As fans have seen over the past few episodes of Vanderpump Rules, Shay began having issues with Kathan after learning she was dating her ex and has been attempting to prove the validity of their romance ever since. Meanwhile, Dow has been noticeably close to Shay, which makes Kathan further suspicious of Dow’s motivation behind her story.

After Dow wraps up her statements about Boyens, Kathan informs her that she still wants to pursue Boyens and see where things go between them. Although she also acknowledged the fact that she may be ignoring major red flags, she then pointed out that things could be different between her and Boyens because they might be a good fit for one another.

When the eighth season of Vanderpump Rules first began in early January, it was noted that Kathan and Boyens were seeing one another and working alongside one another at TomTom. However, a short time later, Kathan was transferred to SUR Restaurant, where she is being trained by Shay.

While fans will surely be seeing a lot from Kathan and Boyens in the coming weeks as their relationship continues on the show, they confirmed last month during an interview with Entertainment Tonight, via YouTube, that they are no longer dating.

“Well she works for me at TomTom again now so… We’re cool. We’re cordial,” Boyens explained, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

According to Boyens, he and Kathan remained on good terms after their romantic relationship came to an end but don’t spend time with one another outside of TomTom.

“We’re cool,” Kathan agreed.

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