Tom Brady Fakes Fans Out In Hulu Commercial, But Says 'I'm Not Going Anywhere'

The long-awaited Tom Brady commercial aired during Sunday night's game. Brady appeared on a black-and-white frame and started off talking about his career. As football fans watched, Brady seemed as if he was going to announce his retirement.

"They say, all good things must come to an end. So, to my teammates, my family, and my fans, you deserve to hear this from me," Brady started off, as somber music played in the background.

Just then, the music stopped and Brady quickly changed his tone. He looked directly into the camera and fans quickly realized that Brady wasn't about to make an announcement about his career at all.

"Hulu doesn't just have live sports, according to the script they just gave me, Hulu also has your favorite cable channels plus the greatest shows, movies, and originals of all time," Brady said, as he walked across a football field.

However, at the end of the commercial, Brady said the one thing that fans -- especially ones in New England -- were hoping for: "So, it's time to say goodbye to TV as you know it, but me? I'm not going anywhere."

Brady got fans going earlier in the week when he posted an ominous black-and-white photo of himself, walking into the stadium. New England fans went crazy trying to figure out the meaning behind the pic. Some debated whether Brady was walking "in" or walking "out" of the stadium and wondered if the direction meant he was staying or going. Other fans wondered if the pic -- which was posted on Instagram without a caption -- was a tribute to Kobe Bryant, who has a similar photo floating around the internet. You can see the post below.

It was later reported that the photo would be explained during the Super Bowl.

"The mystery of the ambiguous photo @TomBrady posted last week will be solved today. Sources tell me and @RapSheet it was a teaser for a commercial that will air during #SuperBowlLIV," tweeted NFL Network's Mike Garafolo.

As you can see, the sneak peek photo received more than 700,000 likes since it was posted. It also received several comments from big names in the business.

"Do you my man! Your life to live and your decisions to live with," Michael Strahan commented.

"Match blow out (sic)," wrote form Patriots player Willie McGinest.

Meanwhile, Brady's wife, Gisele Bundchen, added a heart and the kissy-face emoji.

Brady is a pending free agent and has not yet officially announced if he intends to stay in New England or if he will test the market. Patriots fans are a bit more at ease tonight, however, after Brady admitted that he's "not going anywhere."