Woman Dated Men From Craigslist, Just For Free Meals

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Men, your greatest online dating fear may be a reality. We have confirmed that at least one New York City woman would set up as many as three blind dates a week, just for the free meals. Hey, a girl’s got to eat.

Blog xojane is flooded with comments on a confessional article written for their “It Happened To Me” column. The piece, titled “I Cruised OkCupid And Craiglist For Dates So I Could Eat,” details the story of Brittny Pierre, a young New York professional who cops to going out with at least three men weekly so she doesn’t have to “open her wallet” to feed herself.

Pierre is chasing a dream of becoming the “music equivalent Carrie Bradshaw” but admits she doesn’t have “the gig to back it up” yet. She decided to set up an OKCupid profile and search Craigslist for dinner dates because “there wasn’t anything in my wallet to begin with.”

She admits that she was honest about herself with her profile and her dates; she just didn’t have any intentions of settling down just yet.

“I created a profile, being quite honest about myself, mentioning I’m a writer, what kind of movies I like, how I’m kind of obsessed with dancing and tweeting at the same time, and outlining what kind of guys I’m into.”

Though she calls the men she went out with her “victims,” it seems pretty obvious that her plot backfired on her in some way since she was subjected to a series of extraordinarily awkward dates. Particularly hilarious, Pierre recalled one date who was obsessed with her feet and another instance when she accidentally set up two dates at one time.

Though Pierre doesn’t peruse Craigslist and OKCupid for dates anymore, she says that she has learned a lot about herself and what she likes/dislikes in men from the experiment. Of course, her female friends think she’s a genius while her male friends think she’s cruel.

The long thread of comments under her post seem equally split. Some are amazed that she would expect guys to pay for her dinner in this day and age, and others are surprised that guys would expect anything less.

What do you think of Brittny Pierre’s confession? Is she a genius or manipulative? Sound off!